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See Why ClearCompany is Recognized as Best-In-Class for HR Software

April 5, 2021
5 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Founded over 16 years ago, ClearCompany started with a clear vision: help our clients achieve their missions and visions by hiring, retaining, and engaging more A Players. For more than a decade, we’ve been working hard to ensure that our products and services help meet the needs of your dynamic and modern workplace. Today, ClearCompany is the world's fastest-growing Talent Management Platform. Our commitment to excellence and drive for innovation have helped us create a comprehensive and customized best-in-class HR platform of software solutions that will help you create a highly skilled and engaged workforce.

@ClearCompany was recognized for multiple awards from G2 and Select Software Reviews. Check out why users recommend and love using ClearCompany for their #HR and #recruitment needs:

Our Users Love Us

For years now, ClearCompany has been no stranger to awards and recognition. Recently, we’ve been honored as Trust Radius’s Most Loved Platform by users, honored as a top software provider on SelectSoftware Reviews in multiple categories, and even won the prestigious title of ADP Marketplace Partner of the Year in 2020. While we don’t do what we do to receive awards, it’s wonderful to have our hard work recognized by partners and clients alike. That’s why we are excited to announce that ClearCompany has been recognized in 18 categories in G2’s Spring 2021 Grid Reports, including Best Estimated ROI, Most Likely to Recommend, and Fastest Implementation!

Here are the awards ClearCompany received this season by G2:

  • Leader - Applicant Tracking Systems
  • High Performer - Onboarding
  • High Performer - Performance Management
  • High Performer - Human Resource Management Systems
  • Leader, Mid-Market - Applicant Tracking Systems
  • High Performer, Mid-Market - Onboarding
  • High Performer, Mid-Market - Performance Management
  • High Performer, Mid-Market - Human Resource Management Systems
  • High Performer, Enterprise - Applicant Tracking Systems
  • High Performer, Enterprise - Onboarding
  • High Performer, Enterprise - Human Resource Management Systems
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend, Enterprise - Human Resource Management Systems
  • Best Estimated ROI, Enterprise - Human Resource Management Systems
  • Best Estimated ROI, Enterprise - Onboarding
  • Easiest Setup, Enterprise - Human Resource Management Systems
  • Fastest Implementation, Enterprise - Human Resource Management Systems
  • Best Meets Requirements, Enterprise - Onboarding
  • Easiest Admin, Enterprise - Human Resource Management Systems

“I want more than a vendor. I want a partnership based on trust and mutual respect. Mutual respect is one of our core values, and I’ve really found that in the folks that I’ve worked with at ClearCompany.” - Michele Schneller, Associate Director of Human Resources, Halloran Consulting Group

The driving force behind everything we do is our clients. ClearCompany offers a variety of Talent Management solutions, including Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance Management, and Employee Engagement. We strive to provide innovative and easy-to-use solutions and work hard to ensure our products empower our clients’ specific talent management needs. Being recognized as Users Most Likely to Recommend demonstrates our commitment to this mentality.

ClearCompany Tops the Charts

ClearCompany has a workplace culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity. Our team works hard to create an environment where employees feel safe, comfortable, and empowered to test new ideas. This culture of innovation permeates all we do, creating a platform of cutting-edge and end-to-end software. And, the results of our hard work speak for themselves.

Time and time again, @ClearCompany has proven they have what it takes to rank as the Top #HR #Software solution for working professionals. See why G2 and Select Software Reviews recognized ClearCompany in 2021:

This spring alone, ClearCompany was recognized for several SelectSoftware Reviews awards:

  • Top Talent Management Software — Talent management is a priority for all companies; ClearCompany’s all-encompassing suite helps leaders manage their workforce effectively.

  • Top HR Software — Looking for the best-in-class HR software? Look no further than ClearCompany! Our innovation drives us to create the products you need for your current landscape.

  • Top Applicant Tracking System — Ranked on pricing guidelines, questions to ask on demos, ROI calculations, and more, ClearCompany was recognized as one of the best Applicant Tracking Systems.

  • Top Employee Onboarding Software — Our digital Onboarding software enables leaders to effectively and efficiently onboard new hires, even remotely.

  • Top Performance Management Software — SelectSoftware Reviews spent hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software, and ClearCompany topped the charts!

  • Top Employee Engagement Software — Mobile-friendly and customizable, our Employee Engagement Suite helps you track employee sentiment and maintain consistent feedback and recognition strategies.

While these awards just touch the surface of what ClearCompany has to offer, it does illustrate our excellence in our industry. When users choose ClearCompany, they are not only choosing an award-winning software but are partnering with a company that has time and time again proven their interest and investment in your organization’s success.

“I’ve been working at ClearCompany for nearly 5 years now. Our core principles of diversity, inclusion, and innovation help make me excited to come to work each day and find new solutions to our clients’ troubles. I love working alongside coworkers who are engaged and motivated, and have loved working for an organization that not only cares about its clients but also the professional goals of its employees.” - Meredith Wholley, Digital Marketing and Events Manager, ClearCompany


This past year, the modern workplace has undergone disruption like never before. Leaders need to rely on the tools and software they use to keep operations running smoothly. At ClearCompany, our best-in-class HR software is built to support your organization as you adapt to your workplace’s changing needs. To learn more about ClearCompany’s Talent Management platform and experience our top-notch service and implementation, schedule a demo with one of our experts today.

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