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ClearCompany’s Phased Approach to Developing AI Tools for HR

August 29, 2023
8 min read

Guide to AI in HR

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This post is Part 2 of a two-part series by guest author Charley Miller, Principal Product Manager at ClearCompany. Read Part 1: Transforming HR with Responsible AI: ClearCompany's Approach and Vision.

Measure twice and cut once. That’s the tried and true approach to engineering and construction. At ClearCompany, we take a similar approach to product development, and nothing changes with the advent of large language model (LLM)-based AI:

  1. Listen to our clients.
  2. Design for their needs.
  3. Plan our engineering extensively.
  4. Develop and test rigorously to maintain the system while ensuring the product is accessible and easy to use.
  5. Help our users get as much value as possible from the features and products we introduce.

In other words, ClearCompany is embedding AI safety within every stage of the development lifecycle.

In 2022, ClearCompany invested in our development approach by hiring more engineers and quality assurance staff. As the fastest-growing talent management platform, the same will be true in 2023 and beyond as we reaffirm our commitment to building things well.

Similarly, our AI vision is a journey of continuous improvement. We stay at the forefront of AI advancements, constantly exploring new techniques, algorithms, and data sources. Our dedicated team of AI experts rigorously tests and validates our AI models to ensure accuracy, reliability, and safety. We are committed to maintaining the highest data security and privacy standards and adhering to industry regulations and best practices.

We will be introducing more AI features and products in a phased approach. This phased approach provides ample space for testing LLMs, reviewing our standards, garnering customer feedback, and solidifying our engineering approach.

ClearCompany’s 4-phase approach to AI development provides ample space for testing LLMs, reviewing standards, garnering customer feedback, and solidifying their engineering approach:

Phase 1: AI-Assisted Content Generation

Anyone can utilize public, LLM-based AI chatbots to generate text with a well-written prompt. ClearCompany is making this experience more convenient by offering generative text right inside our product, and we’re safeguarding and monitoring the output.

In the first phase of deploying LLM-based AI across our unified suite, ClearCompany will allow users to draft text with the help of AI — like composing a job description — right in the text field. The user still has complete control to edit and overwrite what the AI drafts.

We’re starting with text generation because of the massive time-saving this affords admins and managers. We want to use the power of automation to eliminate the busy work for human resources practitioners, recruiters, and managers so they have more time to focus on talent decisions and pursue initiatives that maximize talent.

ClearCompany is bringing AI-generated text to several areas of our platform. Beyond job descriptions, look for AI to:

  • Assist with drafting emails, including candidate responses, recruiting emails, new hire welcome emails, and employee communications, crafting compelling, attention-grabbing content, and suggesting relevant responses
  • Compose candidate text messages, making your response time even faster
  • Create a library of email and text message templates to maintain control over your brand and company communications
  • Generate offer letter templates, complete with personalized auto-filled details, based on role, job type, recipient, or any other custom prompts

You should also expect AI integrations in Performance, Engagement, and Goals. Writing performance reviews is taxing for managers, yet this feedback is critical for employees. Our tests with LLC-based AI prove that when our system surfaces pertinent data about the employee — goal progress, 1:1 feedback notes, Shout Outs, competencies, and more — AI drafts clear performance review feedback.

AI-assisted performance review feedback is a perfect example of why ClearCompany stands out among the competition trying to leverage LLM-based AI chatbots: the unified ClearCompany platform has more detailed company information and data about each employee. You won’t get generic responses — ClearCompany AI generates tailored suggestions and content.

Another reason ClearCompany differentiates our AI offering is through our safeguards with prompt management. Through our research and extensive effort to eliminate bias across system automation, we’ve engineered prompt safeguards to keep AI responses on track, eliminate racial and gender bias, and use more inclusive language, plus technical and tone considerations.

Whether AI HR technology is used to help recruiters respond succinctly and faster or to help managers author better performance review feedback, we see it augmenting the user experience by enabling people to use our tools more efficiently and effectively.

"Over the past four and a half years, I’ve heard a consistent theme across client calls — the ask for more automation to get HR professionals more time back in their day. I’m thrilled that AI is going to open up avenues to complete the most boring, time-consuming tasks automatically and give practitioners more time to make meaningful change in their organization.

We’re thinking about much more than content generation. We want to highlight the emails and text messages you need to respond to, reducing the time you spend searching through candidate profiles. We want to summarize and create action items from interview transcripts automatically so you have better notes to refer back to. And, we want to personalize your dashboards so you know exactly what you need to do next to hire, onboard, and retain your candidates and employees. When we do this, the practitioner’s job will be focused on decision-making and critical thinking, not just catching up on the tasks needed to make their business run."

- Mindy Rosenberg, ClearCompany Senior Product Manager


Phase 2: AI-Assisted Setup

The potential of AI gets more exciting when considering how more tedious tasks, like process setup, can be offloaded. Automation across data processes has always been a strength of ClearCompany. Traditional software automation still requires setup. That’s where AI becomes the virtual assistant, taking directions and implementing them for one’s approval.

In the second phase of developing with LLM-based AI, ClearCompany will use AI to augment our dedication to customizing our system and processes to fit the needs of our customers. That includes augmenting the implementation of our products for new customers and assisting in setting up a process like a performance review.

The first objective of the second phase is to leverage AI to augment the onboarding of new customers. We believe AI can shorten the time to productivity for new customers. Our customers love the ClearCompany approach to customizing our powerful system to the needs of each employer. We see AI enabling our implementation teams to work faster.

Additionally, ClearCompany looks to employ natural language conversations between the admin and the system to understand the admin’s intent in setting up a process, then performing the setup while asking questions and gathering feedback — just as a real assistant would behave. Finally, the admin can see, test, and approve the process AI creates.

The goal of phase two isn’t just to save admins time through a convenient and frictionless experience. We believe AI tools have the potential to reduce the learning curve for new users through an experience where an assistant asks about intent and helps operate the highly customizable system.

ClearCompany is taking a phased approach to AI development to embed AI safety within every stage of the development lifecycle. Find out more about the strategy in 4 phases:

Phase 3: AI-Assisted Insight and Automation

One reason ClearCompany is the fastest-growing talent management platform is that we took the time to build a unified platform. Our platform helps HR teams maintain employee data throughout the talent lifecycle — from their hiring and onboarding experience to goal-setting and performance reviews. That means our clients have an incredible amount of data about their people.

That’s where data science comes in and helps employers make business decisions, leveraging their employee data maintained in ClearCompany for business intelligence and org-wide analysis with our partner at Snowflake.

Machine learning has the potential to unlock a wealth of valuable insights for employers about their employees. Phase 3 in our data science journey is doing more with machine learning to surface patterns relevant to people leaders and to use LLM-based AI to enable admins to ask questions to our system and receive data-cited answers and data-informed insights.

The power of machine learning lies in its ability to go beyond human intuition and surface meaningful insights that can drive organizational success and support evidence-based HR practices. Machine learning algorithms analyze employee data — including performance metrics, engagement surveys, feedback, goals, goal metrics, and shoutouts — to identify patterns, correlations, and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed.

These algorithms can uncover factors contributing to high performance, identify areas for improvement, and predict future outcomes such as turnover or employee satisfaction. By leveraging machine learning, employers can make data-driven decisions, create targeted employee development and retention strategies, and ultimately foster a more engaged and productive workforce.

The potential of using Language Model-based AI, such as Large Language Models (LLMs), to enable HR administrators to ask questions about their employee data and receive data-cited answers and data-driven insights is immense. LLMs can understand and interpret complex queries in natural language, allowing HR admins to interact with their employee data more intuitively and efficiently. HR admins can access valuable insights and actionable information supported by specific data references —simply by posing questions.

We see the combination of ClearCompany’s unified employee data and AI as empowering HR admins to make informed decisions, identify trends, detect patterns, and uncover meaningful correlations within their workforce, enabling them to optimize talent management strategies, address challenges, and proactively shape a more productive and engaged workforce.

Phase 4: The Platform Promise

We’ve always taken the holistic approach at ClearCompany. That means asking questions about how HR processes fit together to shape employee experience. With AI, we’re sticking to our philosophy.

We want our product experience to go far beyond an AI chatbot stuck onto a dashboard. We aim to make our product experience feel like our customers are getting a partner that guides, assists, and explains across all the areas HR manages.

Our ultimate goal is to use AI to harness and synthesize employee data and surface clarity. Through our unified platform and responsible approach to ethical AI, we aim to provide data that enable leaders to make informed decisions. That’s why we call ourselves ClearCompany. That doesn’t change with AI — it just gets better. Our AI roadmap will accelerate the delivery of our platform’s promise, expanding the breadth and depth of the HR insights we provide to our clients and users.

This is Just the Beginning

At ClearCompany, we are not just selling a product — we are offering a transformative vision of the future of HR. We’re not in the business of building systems that process people; we’re helping employers get the best out of their people. Our AI-powered solution empowers HR professionals to unlock the full potential of their workforce, drive strategic outcomes, and create an exceptional employee experience.

With our expertise, commitment to Responsible AI practices, and collaborative approach, we are the trusted vendor to guide organizations through their AI journey and help them achieve HR excellence. Join us as we redefine what’s possible and shape the future of AI in HR.

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