How To Convince Your Employees Change is Good

This article, written in November 2015, has been updated to reflected updated information as of January 2017. For more articles on leadership and talent management, take a look at these:

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Back to Basics: What You Must Know About Video Interviewing

Video interviewing, a sign of the death of traditional interviewing or simply the way of the future? Video interviewing is a useful tool many recruiters use to screen potential employees. The system works like this: interviewers propose a set of questions, next they send it out via a video interviewing platform to potential interviewees and wait for replies.

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5 Free Mobile Apps for Productivity Boosts

If there’s one thing I know about HR Professionals, it’s that they’re incredibly busy people. In fact, most HR Managers or HR Generalists have to recruit, hire, onboard, select, schedule, purchase, mediate and plan on any given day at their jobs. From the monthly recognition dinner to the meeting where product tells them they need 20 more service reps by Halloween, the skills of an HR Pro are varied and touch many departments.

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Do You Really Want to Attract Job Hoppers?

Job hoppers are common nowadays. They may stay at a job for 6 months or 4 years but more often than not, many of your employees won’t be the career type. The question is, do you really want to attract or hire these candidate types? While they seem jumpy, fly-by-night workers, there is a rhyme for their reasons to bounce from job to job. Despite their propensity for fickle professional behavior, job hoppers could be the next best talent your company needs. Take a look at some reason you should consider a record job hopper for your next vital role.

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Are the Workforce Generations All that Different?

No matter how much time passes, older generations will always complain about younger ones, and vice versa. But often it’s managers who get stuck in the middle; 75% of managers say they find managing a multi-generational workforce challenging, and 77% say they struggle with the different work expectations among generations. But you’d be surprised at how similar the working generations actually are, as well as the steps you can take to make the workplace a better environment for everyone.

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