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Talent Management

The 4 Proven Pillars of an End-To-End Talent Management Solution

March 26, 2018
4 min read
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Your recruitment team has a pretty obvious goal: source, hire and retain the best talent that will grow with and support the company. What isn’t so obvious is just how that team gets to the end goal. There isn’t a simple, one-size fits all answer, but there are solid solutions to common problems and barriers. We used to turn to multiple tools to hire and manage our teams, but this often proves inefficient. Gone are the days where siloed solutions effectively stand on their own.

Recruiters and hiring managers need the ability to get a holistic view of their entire workforce in one place. From there, leaders should be able to interact and guide that workforce to success. An effective talent management solution must include these 4 pillars: role management, competencies, goal tracking and alignment, and tools for employee engagement. To optimize your talent management system, you’ll need to fully understand how they all fit together.

Four Pillars of End-to-End Talent Management Solutions

Pillar 1: Role Management

If an employee has any hope to succeed, they need to not only know their goals and responsibilities, they need to own them. An end-to-end talent management solution will simplify communicating roles and expectations. Managers should be able to easily share KPIs and see when employees are meeting them. And employees should be able to see what their manager hopes they’ll complete and monitor their own progress.

Don’t rely on an annual employee-manager assessment. Read how to build a fail-proof talent management solution that actually works:

There are many benefits to this. For one, your leadership will be able keep tabs on goal progression and have more valuable performance conversations. Also, the natural transparency will encourage employees to meet expectations because there’s no way they can be confused about what’s being asked. Even better, noticing and rewarding employee contributions are easier than ever. Additionally, a role-based system will allow you to “set it and forget it.” Determining things like interview questions, onboarding packets, software permissioning and performance reviews at the role level will allow you to create an efficient and scalable process to pair with your strategy.

Pillar 2: Competencies

Alongside more transparency on goal expectations, core competencies are critical to pushing your employees’ performance. Any good end-to-end talent management solution will allow your management team to input KPIs and articulate what excellence, proficiency and underperformance looks like in the company or particular department. Each role or department will have a different expectation, so the technology should provide customizability to be truly useful.

Remember, 87% of Millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities are very important. With competencies or key attributes clearly defined, it’s easier to have those hard conversations around career growth. A talent management solution should be a link in supporting an employee’s career trajectory both for the individual and their leader. If promotion isn’t possible, an employee should be able to see the missing performance components and how to push their own role. Similarly, if an employee is consistently hitting the mark, the employee and their manager should see a clear direction for their next move.

Pillar 3: Goal Tracking & Alignment

A fail-proof talent management solution goes beyond merely relying on an annual assessment of each employee and his/her direct supervisor. An increasing number of companies have started accepting the fact that periodical assessments are not as effective as coaching and mentoring sessions that take place throughout the year. An end-to-end talent management solution facilitates strategic learning and development by providing goal alignment tools. It opens a window into projects, gives direction to meetings and tracks tasks. An even better talent management solution will help your managers and employees establish the connection between company and individual goals, showing individual contributors how their work contributes to the success of the company.

Pillar 4: Tools for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can certainly be a complicated piece of the puzzle. It’s a constant commitment, and you will find there are peaks and valleys in engagement levels both within teams and across your company. The right end-to-end talent management solution should step in when there is struggle and keep momentum when productivity is at its peak. In most cases, this means the tool will help document various steps in an employee’s work history, including positives like accomplishments and kudos, and negatives like missed goals.

As needs increase, technology is created to help firms meet their requirements without wasting any further time on Excel sheets. Both compensation and rewards are an essential part of managing talent. Reward hard work as well as positively reinforce smart work done by the best talent in the firm.

To ensure that your employees feel appreciated, and to show them that you are noticing the work they have put in, choose an automated software program that can handle a myriad of admin tasks. Dynamic software programs that can compute data quickly, effectively and accurately are not merely a want, but a necessity for organizations that want to retain their existing employees.

Integrating the Four Pillars for an Efficient Talent Management Solution

Although it is easily possible to choose various tool integrations that answer the four basic pillars mentioned above, companies that consider investing in a talent management solution should consider the pros and cons of purchasing a software program that allows both flexibility and versatility. This will keep your company compliant and engaged in the work of your employees. No workforce survives being overlooked and an end-to-end talent management solution should be that support system. Regardless of whether you decide to choose a standalone recruitment program or an integrated admin and performance program, remember this is an investment in the future of your company. Your people are your biggest asset, so choosing a system that grows with you is a wise solution.

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