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Performance Management Trends To Watch Out for in 2019

December 20, 2018
5 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Investing in HR Tech

To improve performance management strategies and encourage HR best practices, most companies are searching beyond their internal teams and bringing in the latest HR tech. With software constantly being reinvented and technology improving to align with individuals and organization's needs, it can be difficult to know what to focus on during the buying process. Your answer to talent success in 2019 is investing in the right tech to help your leaders and HR team improve performance management and keep their goals intact to push forward into the new year.

Don’t think of HR tech as replacing your current strategy, but simply filling those cracks for a more solid foundation. Performance management solutions will streamline, organize and automate an array of tasks that your team can tackle to boost employee performance and create an overarching management solution for employees and leaders to easily use.

@ClearCompany is giving your team the fuel it needs for the upcoming year. Gear your team up with 2019’s #PerformanceManagement trends that your company should adopt, ASAP.

Perks of Performance Management Solutions:

  • Fully Customizable

  • Traditional Reviews

  • Peer and 360 Reviews

  • Time-Based Reviews

  • Completion Tracking

  • Continuous Performance Tracking

  • Real-Time Feedback

  • User-Friendly

  • Quality of Hire

  • Predictive Performance

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

  • Employee Development

More and more HR teams are joining forces with C-Suites to ensure this solution is working. Not only does this help keep a clear line of communication between upper management and HR, but it’s also improving team and employee performance and their understanding of individual roles and expectations.

Better Engagement, Better Performance.

Engagement seems to be the topic of 2018 and while so many companies are struggling to figure out what they can do to get employees more engaged, they are still falling short of an answer. Instead of focusing on engagement, start shifting your focus and efforts to the overall employee experience. This includes culture, onboarding process, your current performance management system, technology and physical company environment.

Start evaluating all of those factors and find where your employees stand. Ask yourself these questions to help guide you:

  • Are they getting the right information consistently and in a timely manner to succeed in their current role and goals?

  • How is the current technology helping or holding back your employees from performing to the best of their abilities?

  • Are new hires getting a full experience when being onboarded or just a slideshow and rulebook?

  • Is the environment and culture inviting and welcoming? Especially to those new hires?

These are all questions you should be considering when evaluating your employee experience. Companies are taking it upon themselves to fuel a new outlook on employee experience to increase engagement and ultimately performance levels.

Learning and Development

We expect our employees to learn and develop their skills in their everyday job, but often we forget that actually putting in extra time and offering real learning opportunities for employees helps increase performance and engagement. A Gallup study shows that 87% of millennials want access to professional development and career growth opportunities. New talent looks for this and is one of the most important factors when selecting a job.

By providing more employee training and development opportunities, you are likely to see a good return rate in employee performance. Implementing a new and non-traditional learning opportunity in your management strategy will help your employees, your managers and your company brand.

Break down the barriers of traditional #PerformanceManagement and watch out for these upcoming trends happening in 2019. @ClearCompany is helping you enhance your process and achieve success. Find out more!

In order to maintain a healthy performance management strategy and continue to mold future leaders to run the business, companies need to start at the very beginning of their employee's career with the organization. Offer mentors who can help them build their network and skills.

Current employees can start immediately with extra learning and development training as mentioned earlier. Focus on building communication skills, understanding/pinpointing issues and strategic problem-solving. Forming and maintaining your leadership program helps you create those A-Teams and those who are apart of these teams are capable of evolving with continuous learning and development.

Out With the Old, In With the New Roles

Personalization in roles is becoming more popular with startups and rising companies — giving employees more leeway to use their skills in their role and continue to grow within the company.

Get rid of those old traditional roles and titles and establish a more creative approach to them. Identifying your employee’s strengths and interests, and combining different tasks that suit them to improve overall company performance, is becoming the ideal job that modern workers are seeking. Companies are adopting this new approach called “job crafting,” by transforming their current roles and building positions around their employee's strengths and interests. This can help shape a high level of performance and engagement from their current employees and spark interest from incoming talent.

Learn more about performance management and how your company can get started on laying the perfect foundation for performance management.

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