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5 Performance Management Tools HR Leaders Need To Know

May 10, 2021
6 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Managers often lean on performance management tools to keep their employees engaged and on track with their tasks. With so many different product offerings on the market, it can be challenging to sift through to find a solution that solves your specific needs. As your organization contemplates a return to normalcy, whether on-site or remote, take time to evaluate your performance management solutions and learn about these five tools.

The modern workforce requires modern tools. @ClearCompany breaks down 5 #PerformanceManagement tools #HRLeaders need to know for efficient teams:

1. Workplace Surveys

Workplace surveys are great ways for managers and HR leaders to quickly gauge the sentiment of their team. These easy-to-distribute surveys offer customization and insight into specific aspects of your organization. Employee surveys can be used to measure:

  • The effectiveness of your DE+I initiatives — Diversity, equity, and inclusion have a significant influence on employee satisfaction in the workplace. Many organizations feel their current efforts are adequate — but do your employees agree?

  • Employee engagement levels — Managers can gather data on their employees’ engagement and happiness and quickly identify what components need improvement. These surveys assist with the performance review process and help to reduce turnover.

  • Your employee onboarding process — Measure your new hire’s satisfaction with your company’s onboarding process, and see whether they feel prepared and welcomed into your organization.

  • The wellbeing of your workforce —Gain insight into employee stress and anxiety levels along with the overall perception of your company’s work/life balance.

As organizations work towards recovery throughout 2021, it is crucial to survey your employees to gather their thoughts along the way. When employees feel heard and valued by their employer, they are 4.6x more satisfied in their roles and are more engaged with their work. This leads to a more productive workplace that you can count on retaining. And retaining your A Players not only saves you the stress of filling open positions, but it also protects your bottom line.

2. Project Management Platforms

Many organizations are continuing to adopt a flex-work or remote work format. With employees working from all over the country or world, tracking the progress of tasks and holding each other accountable is integral for success. With the support of a project management platform, managers can quickly obtain dashboard views of the state of affairs within their organization. Project management platforms allow for added accountability and help ensure your employees remain committed to their roles. Your project management platform should help you track deadlines, bill hours, and measure whether your employees can manage their current workload.

ClearCompany’s award-winning performance management platform stands above the competition by offering unmatched levels of customization and integration. Our best-in-class solution is easily implemented into your existing processes and works alongside the performance management tools you are currently using.

Bonus Material: Check out why you should be using ClearCompany for your performance management strategy.

3. Recognition and Feedback Systems

Your employees work hard and deserve to be appreciated for their successes. Organizations with set recognition or feedback programs see 31% lower turnover rates than companies with no system in place. With 70% of employees saying that recognition at work would improve their morale and motivation levels, the time has never been better to embrace a robust recognition system in your organization. Remember that recognition should come from more than just upper management. HR leaders in 2021 should adopt a recognition system that allows for quick, timely celebrations and encourages coworkers to appreciate the hard work of their team members.

Just like your recognition system, your workplace needs a reliable and robust feedback system as well. Your employees want to know what parts of their jobs they are exceeding at and which areas need improvement. The best kinds of feedback are consistent, timely, and actionable. Offer specific insights to your employees and work with them to find a pathway to improvement. Your top talent will appreciate your candor and will be more likely to stay within their roles.

Bonus Material: Customize your feedback and recognition strategies with these 3 tips.

4. Goal Tracking and Aligning

What is a workplace without goals? In 2021, HR leaders need to rely on and embrace goal tracking and alignment tools. Recent studies have found that 85% of employees are disengaged from their work. One tried and true method for keeping your employees engaged is through strategic goal planning and alignment. Ensuring your talent is aligned with company goals is an essential part of organizational success. When your employees clearly understand their goals and how their role fits with overarching organizational goals, you can ensure that everyone in your company is collaborating on the right projects at the right time.

Your employees should be able to quickly view their goal progress, and management should be able to track and measure their employees’ success or identify problem areas along the way. Real-time goal tracking and feedback open the door for actionable change.

@ClearCompany ranks 5 tools that #HRLeaders need to know in order to create a strong #PerformanceManagement plan in 2021:

5. Performance Review Capabilities

The cornerstone of your performance management strategy should be metrics and feedback to lean on during reviews. HR leaders often look to the support of digital performance management tools to help gather data, track performance metrics, and measure the historical performance of their employees. With the right tools, leaders can compare trends, collect feedback and data from peers, and customize their performance review strategies based on their specific needs.

As your organization works toward recovery from this past year, take some time to evaluate your performance management tools. Your HR department should work to ensure you’re providing your employees with the tools and support they need to succeed. 

ClearCompany’s award-winning talent management solutions have helped workplaces achieve their recruitment, hiring, engagement, and retention goals for over 16 years. With a commitment to providing best-in-class solutions for your everyday HR needs, ClearCompany offers a customizable and easy-to-use platform that supplies you with everything you need to plan for, find, and keep A Players in any business cycle. For more information about how ClearCompany can help you achieve your performance goals, reach out to our team of experts and sign up for your free demo today.

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