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10 Reasons To Use ClearCompany for Performance Management

November 16, 2020
6 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Having a solid performance management strategy that employees feel is fair and designed to support their personal development will boost organizational productivity, employee growth and engagement, and overall company success. The problem is that most companies don’t have a performance management approach that employees feel good about and trust. Traditional performance management practices were built largely to support HR’s administrative needs to rank employees and document performance discussions rather than foster employee development and build trust and communication between employees and managers.

What’s the risk of an outdated, top-down model for performance management? Well-intentioned performance review cycles can de-motivate employees and hurt their engagement and productivity more than they help. 30% of annual performance reviews backfire, leading to decreased employee performance. Given these results, it’s no surprise that 79% of executives indicate that revamping traditional performance management practices is a high priority for their organization.


79% of executives indicate that revamping traditional #PerformanceManagement practices is a high priority. @ClearCompany can help with their latest solution, the Employee Engagement Suite:

To address these issues and improve employee trust and participation in performance evaluations, ClearCompany has spent much of 2020 reimagining its performance software suite and adding meaningful new features to support and automate an “employee development” approach to performance management. While we were at it, we also improved the system for HR administrators to simplify review creation and cycle management. We replaced the user interface for both admins and participants to make the suite more intuitive and mobile-friendly.

We’ve renamed ClearCompany’s new and improved performance module, our Performance, Engagement, and Goals Suite, and used SHRM’s six key recommendations for an employee development-focused performance management system as our framework for its design. We used the following SHRM directives as the priorities for our revamped performance management system:

  • Identify employee training and development needs.
  • Provide employees with career guidance and developmental opportunities.
  • Enhance communications and relationships among employees and managers.
  • Support goal setting tailored to the work and role.
  • Ensure employees receive effective and timely feedback.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Empower employees to take greater ownership of their performance goals.

Here are 10 reasons why ClearCompany’s new Performance, Engagement, and Goals suite is the right choice for your employees and the HR team.

1. It's a State-of-the-Art, Reimagined System

ClearCompany’s 2020 development work and end-to-end-upgrade make it the most modern and complete performance platform available today. The system’s new features, workflows, cycle management, and engagement tools will enable your organization to increase the frequency of reviews, feedback, and goals check-ins and build a more continuous performance management strategy that supports employee development.

2. Integrated Performance, Engagement & Goals Tools All In One Place

Each component of the new suite complements the others and supports a high frequency, real-time employee development strategy. Peer recognition, thanks, and appreciation messages sent through Shout Outs, our employee recognition tool, are automatically added to an employee’s performance profile. You can seamlessly integrate employee goal tracking and planning software into performance reviews.

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3. Attractive and Intuitive Employee-Centric Design Increases System Use

We’ve revamped the module’s look and feel to enhance the employee experience and increase employee participation and completion. Our attractive, user-friendly interface and review formats make it easy for employees and managers to know what to do. Reviews can be completed on mobile devices and in multiple languages so participants can complete reviews with ease in the language and on the devices they are most familiar with. New navigation throughout the Performance, Engagement & Goals suite simplifies and speeds up goal setting and the performance review process for HR, managers and employee participants. The design of our employee engagement tools makes it fun and easy to share feedback and appreciation.

4. Goal Planning Features Support Real-Time Feedback

ClearCompany’s goal setting and tracking functionality and automated reminders keep employees and managers aligned and in touch on key priorities. When you use the system for goal tracking, status updates, feedback, and coaching, it ensures frequent real-time manager-employee interaction even when people are remote and not in close physical contact. Our goal planning tool keeps everyone on track and confident they are focused on the key projects vital to business success.

5. Administrative Tools Save HR Time

HR admins told us what more they wanted from the new system, and we delivered. We simplified the review creation process to make review templates easier to build and revise and added new cycle management tools to give HR more visibility into employee participation and completion rates and more options for follow-up communications.

6. Your Roles & Competencies Jumpstart Review Content Creation & Consistency

Only ClearCompany enables HR to customize performance review content to match the unique roles and competencies within your organization automatically. By using your roles and competencies as a consistent foundation, HR can save time and have confidence that employee performance reviews cover the key competencies, skills, and business objectives essential to the role by automatically pulling individualized but consistent review questions into reviews.

ClearCompany’s new Employee Engagement Suite provides all the essential tools you need to build a high touch, #digital strategy to support employee #engagement and #retention. See how:

7. Provides Every Employee Engagement Feature You Need To Build Culture & Morale

ClearCompany’s new Employee Engagement Suite provides all the essential tools you need to build a high touch, digital strategy to support employee engagement and retention. Modern and social tools for employee recognition, employee surveys and feedback, celebrations of employee personal milestones, and more are part of our digital toolkit for employee engagement.

8. New Express Reviews and Templates for Every Review Format

Our platform enables you to seamlessly design, automate, and manage any type of performance review:

  • New Hire Reviews (30, 60, 90 Day Reviews)
  • Quarterly, Bi-Annual, or Annual Performance Reviews
  • Competency and Roles Based Reviews
  • Goal-Based Reviews
  • Anniversary-Based Reviews
  • Peer and 360 Reviews

New Express Reviews offer standardized, out of the box review content and workflows so you can launch new review cycles quickly and efficiently. They are perfect for organizations using performance management software and digital reviews for the first time.

9. Robust State-of-the-Art Performance Analytics

Analyze performance trends and track employee performance with our new performance reports that provide visibility into Cycle Progress, Employee Scores, Manager Scoring, and Goal Use and Progress by department, manager, and individual.

Flexible, interactive analytics and visualization tools let you filter, drill-down and create custom fields so you can see the drivers of employee performance.

10. Makes Performance Part of a Connected Talent Strategy

Unlike standalone performance management software options that are siloed and independent from your other talent management tools, ClearCompany’s performance, engagement, and goals module connects seamlessly with ClearCompany’s talent acquisition, talent analytics, and workforce planning modules. Use ClearCompany to leverage the performance profiles of your top performers to hire candidates with similar attributes. Synthesize employee performance and engagement data to understand employee morale and feedback by performance level or manager.

ClearCompany has incorporated everything you need to optimize your performance strategy and support employee development. We’ve built our fully-customizable solutions to assist you and your team in accomplishing your professional goals. To find out more about how ClearCompany’s power Performance, Engagement, and Goals capabilities can transform your organization, contact one of our experts to set up a demo today.

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