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October 10, 2023
7 min read

Optimize Your HR Tech Stack


Did you miss us at the eighth annual Talent Success Conference? TSC 2023 was our fourth all-virtual event where we welcomed experts from all areas of the HR industry to the stage, as well as a few of ClearCompany’s own.

As always, TSC began with a few words from our CEO and Co-Founder, Andre Lavoie. Then, we heard from eight HR leaders with a wealth of experience and incredible depth of knowledge in people leadership. Their expertise and insights equipped us with new strategies to try, gave us perspectives to consider, and renewed our excitement for the future of HR.

Here’s a quick recap of what we learned at TSC23 and some wise words from our inspiring speakers!

Didn’t make it to TSC 2023? Get 6 game-changing insights from the HR experts who took the stage:

1. How to Understand Your Purpose to Find Fulfillment and Be a Better Leader

In our kickoff session, George Rogers, Chief Culture Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, invited attendees to identify their driving purpose — the “why” in why they do what they do —to help them become better leaders. He talked about how when leaders connect their purpose with their organizational initiatives, they can help employees build the same sense of connection and find their own passions.

Rogers also talked about the importance of checking in with your employees and talking to them about their purpose. He noted that this is especially important for your diverse workforce because diverse workers are:

  • Two times more likely to feel workplace culture is dysfunctional
  • Four times more likely to say they don’t understand responsibilities and expectations at work
  • Two times less likely to receive recognition or appreciation for their work

Catch a few wise words from Rogers, and then head over to check out more of his firm’s industry-leading research.

2. How to Approach AI Responsibly

ClearCompany Lead Data Scientist Marie G. Evelyn, Ph.D. took on the hottest HR topic of the moment — artificial intelligence. Since AI is now readily available, we shouldn’t expect it to fade away, says Evelyn. She spoke about the importance of developing and using AI in HR processes responsibly and how understanding what kinds of tasks AI is best suited for will help you get the most out of the tool.

Evelyn emphasized that AI has incredible potential if we, both the creators and HR users of the technology, are aware of its shortcomings and exercise ethics and compassion as we build and apply it to our work.

Hear a snippet of Evelyn’s discussion and then read more about ClearCompany’s commitment to responsible AI and our approach to developing our own AI tools.

3. How Knowing Yourself Helps You Lead Through Uncertainty

Knowing who we are, says Sumona De Graaf, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of idealis, is what enables us to be great leaders in a VUCA world. VUCA, which stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, refers to the state of the world we’re in now, especially the world of work for HR professionals.

So how can you stay centered and respond effectively in times of uncertainty? De Graaf pointed to her firm’s research, which shows that leaning on others and reacting to uncertainty with curiosity, empathy, agility, and courage are the best ways to lead your employees through it.

Check out this powerful moment from De Graaf’s session, then learn more about idealis.

4. How AI Improves the Employee Health Benefits Experience

Your company spends a lot of money on employee healthcare, but are your employees getting the most from their benefits?

According to Guy Benjamin, Healthee Co-CEO and Co-Founder, 60% of employees feel they’re not utilizing their benefits to the fullest because they’re confused or unsure about the costs. But AI — namely, Healthee — can change that.

Benjamin talks about how AI not only relieves HR teams from the time-consuming process of explaining benefits or helping employees access what they need but also helps employees better understand their benefits and gives them the freedom to handle their sensitive medical questions privately.

Hear a bit of what Benjamin had to say, then check out Healthee

5. How to Attract Great Candidates in a Competitive, Post-Pandemic Labor Market

In this enlightening panel, we heard from three HR leaders: Stowe Beam, VP of HR at SCS Global Services, Jessica Grube, HR Director at Lost Boys Interactive, and Brian Abraham, Director of People & Culture at ClearCompany. During their panel discussion, the three HR experts reflected on the benefits of hiring remote workers, what’s changed in their recruiting process since the pandemic, and which strategies have brought the most success.

Abraham talked about ClearCompany’s tremendous success in building a strong employer brand during the pandemic, including consistent, clear messaging when speaking with candidates. Grube shared how the collaborative onboarding process at Lost Boys Interactive helps remote new hires feel like part of a team even though their colleagues are on the other side of a computer screen. Beam also discussed the importance of onboarding and how planning and preparation mean new hires are never left hanging, even if their manager is in a different time zone.

Check out a quick snippet from their insightful panel. 

6. How to Retain Diverse Workers

We were ecstatic to welcome Dr. Akilah Cadet, CEO and Founder of Change Cadet, back to the TSC stage. At TSC23, Dr. Cadet talked about the importance of not just hiring but also retaining your diverse workforce. She encouraged listeners to not just fill a quota by hiring a person or people of color but to consider the diversity of the physical and neurological abilities of their employees, too.

Dr. Cadet emphasized that you won’t be able to maintain a diverse workplace if those employees don’t feel they belong at work. That means upholding your commitment to diversity from the start by building it into the hiring process — rather than making employees ask for accommodations, let everyone know they have options if needed. It also means ensuring diverse workers have opportunities to become leaders and not just individual contributors or middle managers.

Listen to a quick excerpt from Dr. Cadet’s illuminating dialogue about what companies can do to retain their diverse workforce, then learn more about Change Cadet.  

These are just a few of the highlights from a day of nonstop insights and strategies from HR’s leading experts. We were honored to welcome so many wise, inspiring, and innovative leaders to the stage at TSC 2023. 

Want to watch these sessions in full? Get access to all TSC 2023 sessions here.

We hope to see you again next year at the 2024 Talent Success Conference! 

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