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Using Onboarding to Create A Resilient Workforce From Day 1

April 1, 2021
5 min read
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This article on using the employee onboarding experience to create a resilient workforce was originally published in December 2014. All relevant copy and statistics have been updated as of April 2021.

Too often, organizations put employee onboarding on the back burner. In the past, many leaders have believed onboarding was a low-impact function on the success of an organization. People lacked a clear directive of who was in charge of ensuring the completion of the onboarding process. And, the onboarding experience was often outdated and time-consuming. This leads to higher rates of turnover, hurting your company’s resiliency.

Recently, organizations have realized the importance of a positive onboarding experience to foster an engaged workforce and a strong employer brand. When you give onboarding the proper attention, you can create a process that retains A Players and starts your new hire off on the right foot. As you analyze your onboarding process, make sure to address some of the most common pain points employees experience to help create a resilient workforce from day one.

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1. The Onboarding Experience Can Be Boring

While essential for compliance, some parts of the employee onboarding process can be tedious. As a new hire, the worst thing that can happen is being handed a mountain of paperwork to complete on your first day. Nowadays, with digital onboarding platforms, employers can start the onboarding process before their employee steps foot in the door (or logs on to Zoom).

Paperless onboarding helps to clean up the clutter of essential forms and documents. Let employees get this step in the process out of the way before they even set foot in the office. This helps to ensure you remain compliant and frees up space on your new hire’s first day. With the paperwork out of the way, employees can start introductions, take a tour of the facility and partake in all of the fun and exciting parts of a new job right away.

Getting a head start on onboarding is quickly becoming a best practice. 77% of Best-in-Class organizations begin the onboarding process before day one. The goal is to start the employee experience off on a fun and motivating note to engage and retain your employees and create a resilient team.

Bonus: Many paperless onboarding systems include smart forms to reduce the need to fill out redundant information. Both parties also enjoy E-Verify to eliminate the need for ink signatures. 

2. The New Hire Can Feel Disconnected

The first day can be nerve-wracking for a new hire. With many companies adopting a remote work format, a fully-virtual onboarding experience can make them feel disconnected from the team. There are a few ways to help combat this common pain point and create an employee onboarding experience your new hires will enjoy.

Transparent and clear organization. A lack of understanding of the tasks and responsibilities on your first few days can frustrate your new hire. By having a clear outline of your expectations, your new hires can feel connected to their role. What do you hope to have them accomplish by the end of their first day? First week? Month? Providing them with a clear reference point can help to reduce any nerves they may feel.

Welcome them to the team. Go beyond the standard introduction of team members and instead find opportunities to allow your new hire to socialize with your team. 56% of new hires want a buddy or mentor for their first week, and 59% want a company tour. Be sure to assign mentors, set up (virtual) lunches with other employees, and give them something to work on right away.

Tip: Just because your office is virtual doesn’t mean you should skip out on a tour! Find ways to weave video calls, quick breaks, and introductions into your day with video conferencing software like Google Hangouts or Zoom.

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3. The New Hire Doesn’t Know Who To Report To

Have you ever started a new job and asked these questions:

  • So, when will I have a computer and desk?

  • Should I be doing anything?

  • Should I walk around and get my bearings?

  • How do I get paid?

  • Who am I reporting to again?

Your onboarding process needs to address these concerns before they’re ever brought up. In your organization, you need to have a clear person in charge of handling the onboarding experience. Your new hire should know who to report to about their progress and who to direct questions to.

Leaders need to put in the necessary work to create an onboarding process that is efficient and well-organized. With the right employee onboarding solution, you can track the progress of your latest hire. HR professionals can automate parts of the experience, such as goal tracking, notifying you of deadlines, and assigning tasks to hiring managers so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Use these 3 metrics to gauge whether you are successfully onboarding your new employees.

A Well-Onboarded Team Is A Resilient Team

When you spend the appropriate time and resources to onboard your newest employee, you help reinforce a culture of high-quality employees engaged with your company goals. Employees will have a clear understanding of each department’s tasks and responsibilities and feel a sense of connection to their work. This past year has shown how vital it is for companies to have highly skilled and engaged employees they can rely on during times of disruption. The best way to create a team that can remain resilient in the face of challenges is to create an onboarding process that equips employees with the training and tools they need to succeed.

Your human capital is your greatest asset and should be treated as such. At ClearCompany, we know the importance of investing in your employee experience. Our Onboarding Software enables companies to create an onboarding experience personalized and customized to their needs. Are you looking to enhance your onboarding efforts? Make sure to reach out to our team and schedule your free demo now!

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