May 16, 2018
Text messaging is the newest, hottest communications tool that’s influencing how businesses connect with consumers in 2018. It’s also on the rise in the recruiting industry. Consider these trends:
  • 80% of people are now using text messaging in their business in some form or fashion.
  • 89% of consumers want to use text messaging to communicate with businesses.
  • Texting is the most used form of communication for American adults under 50.
Some of the best candidates are busy and on-the-go. Make communication easier with SMS text recruiting tools like ClearText.
Clearly, adding text messaging to your business communications to improve customer service and response times makes a lot of sense. Now, HR teams are starting to leverage the power of text messaging to build rapport with job candidates and accelerate the recruiting process.

ClearCompany’s newest product, ClearText, is a text messaging tool designed with the needs of recruiting teams and hiring managers in mind. It works seamlessly with our ATS platform to enable one-on-one text communications between your company and candidates to enhance the candidate experience. With ClearText, hiring managers and recruiters simply click on a candidate’s profile on the platform to initiate a text conversation. They can correspond with candidates via text from their desktop or mobile device, and all text interactions will be captured on the candidate’s timeline. Importantly, ClearText uses intermediary mobile numbers assigned through the platform, rather than your hiring teams’ personal cell phone numbers, so your hiring team can maintain their privacy

ClearText is easy to use and takes only minutes to activate, but its impact on your candidate’s experience will be meaningful. Specifically, ClearText supports hiring teams by:
  • Enabling quick interactions with candidates - Facilitate efficient, low pressure, on-the-go communications with candidates
  • Promoting candidate engagement - Build relationships with candidates through 1-on-1 text conversations that demonstrate that your company and hiring team are friendly and approachable
  • Accelerating the hiring process - Leverage the speed and responsiveness of texting to connect with candidates quickly and hire faster
  • Standing out from the crowd - Reach candidates by text to personalize their experience, differentiate your company and get a leg up on the competition

Still debating whether mobile methods of communication are the future of recruiting? 90% of people prefer texting over calling and email, and 64% of people are likely to have a positive perception of companies that offer communications via text. In other words, companies that communicate via text build better relationships with people versus companies that don’t.

ClearText by @ClearCompany creates #communication ease by enabling candidates and recruiters to interact on-the-go!

As the recruiting industry increases its focus on the candidate experience, your future hiring success lies in creating relationships with candidates. Text communications optimized for recruiting is the next step in the HR tech evolutionary chain, and ClearText is here to pave the way.


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Ellen Wilson
Ellen Wilson
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