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Talent Management Applicant Tracking System

Reasons ClearCompany’s Clients Stick Around For The Long-term

October 25, 2018
5 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged

Becoming the best-in-class talent management suite didn’t happen overnight. We have spent a lot of time, money and effort into perfecting our HR software so that we stand out from our competition, retain current clients and impress new ones. One of the things we’ve done to create talent management software people actually want to use is by listening to our product reviews and, most importantly, our clients!

We call it client-driven.

We are the fastest growing talent management suite in the world and we can’t thank our customers enough because they helped us make this happen. Through constant feedback from ClearCompany clients, we have developed our software to make it intuitive, streamlined and beautiful.

See how our solutions have impressed our customers and see how we have made client-driven improvements and additions to our talent management software through collaboration and partnership with our clients.


Product Reviews that Make Us Proud

“ClearCompany ATS is proving to be a substantial asset to our business functions. It saves time and money, making our operation more cost-effective.” - Maria, Epsilon


Maria is talking about features like paperless onboarding, in-app prospecting from 160M profiles covering all major job boards and your own database, and our beautiful, award-winning application builder which virtually guarantees a great candidate experience.
“@ClearCompany sets a standard for HR programs” - Alex, Bluefin, via @SoftwareAdvice
At ClearCompany, we don’t want to simply be another application that HR has to use, but instead become an asset to your business. We are constantly working to improve our solutions so that our customers have the tools to make themselves and their company more successful.


“This program streamlines the recruiting and onboarding process. It puts it all in one place! Saves our company about 10-12 labor hours a week! I also like the opportunity to know exactly where my candidates are at in the process of hiring. The onboarding electronically also makes our process painless, paperless and in the hands of the new hire. Alert emails keep me posted on what I need to do.” - Kasey H, Via G2Crowd


ClearCompany was built as a talent management solution for mid-sized companies and we want to ensure our product suite always remains both affordable and simple to navigate. You don’t need the Queen Mary to cross a river and you don’t need a bloated, slow HRIS to manage your talent. Our solutions are built to ease HR and administrative tasks to give you back your valuable time.


“Great People Experience, ClearCompany sets a standard for HR programs” - Alex, Bluefin


Our outstanding, award-winning customer service makes a huge difference to our clients. Why? Because even the most comprehensive, cutting-edge technology can be rendered useless if you don't have a trusted partner to walk you through it.


We are setting the standard for service in talent management platforms and implementations. Our software continues to impress our customers and with the rolling list of awards that we currently hold, we aren’t stopping any time soon! Did you also know we boast a 99.9% customer retention rate?


“Here at TAK Communications, we love using ClearCompany because of how user-friendly it is. We can keep all of our various managers, supervisors and HR staff in the know very easily with the notes and other tools from the system. We also love how great their customer service is. If we need help with something whether it’s a report or a tweak to our system, they help us very quickly. We also like that we can go to them for ‘news’ regarding the challenges and tips for what’s going on in the recruitment world. ClearCompany is definitely the best recruitment system I have used.” - Wendy A.


Our software was built with the customer in mind. We have been in this industry for a long time and work to understand the needs of our clients and how our software can ease any burdens. We don’t overcomplicate matters and we avoid making bloatware, so our customer experience is seamless and delightful!

Keeping your HR team on the same page is definitely something that we strive for. Better performance, communication and experiences are a cornerstone of our company and always will be.


“ClearCompany has drastically made our hiring and onboarding process better. We used to be completely paper-based even as late as 2 years ago and the ClearCompany platform has allowed us to develop a more robust hiring process from beginning to end.” - Nick H.


Our customers have told us how tedious and difficult to manage paper processes can be. That’s why we were one of the first to implement paperless onboarding, a true game changer. ClearCompany wants clients to use our solutions to streamline recruitment and develop a more robust hiring process. We will continue to improve our solutions to ensure we continue to impress!


“Onboarding was all on paper beforehand. We were having new hires come in, fill out paperwork and then scheduling a training day for them. We cut that whole paperwork step out. When they come in, they are ready to start their training. Our onboarding process is 50% faster” - Cassie Foster, Chick-fil-A Boynton Beach


The Bottom Line

When purchasing software, it’s easy to focus on the initial cost and time to implement. We like to think of it as making an investment in your future. Buying the right piece of software - like ClearCompany’s industry leading talent management solution - can save you time, money and headaches for years to come. Helping companies to hire A Players and achieve their hiring and talent management goals is what keeps us moving forward! You don’t become the #1 User Recommended Solution on @G2Crowd by resting on your laurels. Find out what users have to say about @ClearCompany: We are so happy that our clients - along with their candidates and employees - have positive experiences using our software. Not only are we focused on helping you find, hire and retain more A players, we believe that the systems you use should also be beautiful and user-friendly. We are so glad that our clients agree!


If you’re looking for a solution to help your with our HR processes, submit a demo request and we’ll show you the Talent Management Platform everyone’s raving about!


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