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How Chick-fil-A Saw Unprecedented Success Reducing Turnover with ClearCompany

September 19, 2019
2 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Chick-fil-A Palm Beach Lakes and Chick-fil-A Okeechobee and Turnpike were dealing with a common problem for quick-service restaurants: A high rate of turnover. Kasey Castle, Chief People Officer of both locations, understands that a great customer experience comes from having a great team behind you. Hiring and onboarding are crucial aspects of growing a business, but hiring the best talent doesn’t mean much if you can’t retain them for the long term. Kasey needed a system that could help her manage her complete talent strategy.

See how Chick-fil-A turned around their #EmployeeTurnover with @ClearCompany in their latest case study:

ClearCompany’s Full Platform Solution allowed Kasey to manage recruiting, onboarding, and performance management – the complete, streamlined, automated talent acquisition process she had been looking for.

“ClearCompany has saved me, personally, 8-15 hours of labor a week in my schedule in completing paperwork. This past year, I hired 70 people during the month of August! And I would’ve never been able to do that prior to ClearCompany.”

- Kasey Castle, Chief People Officer, Chick-fil-A Palm Beach Lakes and Chick-fil-A Okeechobee and Turnpike


As a result, Kasey’s performance management program showed immediate results, with staggering improvements in retention and turnover at both Chick-fil-A locations. In Palm Beach Lakes she beat the national franchise average for turnover for the first time ever, and at Okeechobee and Turnpike she saw a significant improvement immediately:

Click the image below to read the full case study.

For more information about the improvements gained from the ClearCompany and Chick-fil-A partnerships, visit our website. To learn how ClearCompany can help you reach your own business goals, reach out to speak with an expert today.

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