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ClearCompany: Bridging the Analytics Gap Between Talent Management and Business Strategy

September 4, 2013
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


From the whole team here at ClearCompany, we're incredibly excited for the chance to share with you what we've been secretly hard at work on for years: enterprise software that actually makes work better.

Yes, it's a lofty thing to say, but we're ready to meet the challenge. We believe what we're onto will revolutionize the way work happens, and we're excited to start the journey with you!

Patenting the first solution to bridge the gap in your talent management process that exists between your HR Technology and your Business Strategy wasn’t an overnight inspiration. It came after many years of good decisions and learning from some bad ones.

Ten years ago, my friend and colleague Colin Kingsbury, came to me with the idea of keeping the talent management process in the Cloud. Of course, it wasn’t called the cloud then, or even Software as a Service. It was just a novel idea of pioneering better technology online with exceptional customer service.

I chose to invest in Colin’s idea at a company called HRM Direct and committed to working with him as an active board member while I pursued my career at what is now Thomson Reuters. While there, I served as Global Managing Director, managing their portfolio analytics, quantitative analytics, company analytics and big data solutions. It was in that role that I realized these highly analytical big data techniques could be applied to human capital and the talent management process.

From the very start, Colin and I committed to one important decision that allowed us to pursue the path to ClearCompany: we would grow our platform and our company organically. No acquisitions, no technology integrations; just a single platform holistically designed to fulfill clients’ evolving needs. That decision would prove critical in shaping a different kind of company where the talent solutions could ultimately create value beyond the sum of their parts.

As Colin built out the talent suite for mid-sized companies at HRM Direct, I shared with him the challenge of managing a global workforce of thousands of people. I had tried all the talent solutions available, but to no avail. Nothing connected. Nothing made sense. All the information was out of date and out of touch with decisions being made in the boardroom. In the cloud or out, integrated, or stand-alone, nothing gave us the picture of our people at work or connected them to our business strategy. Our talent management process needed better information faster - not quarterly or annually - and our people needed to know why they were coming to work and why their efforts mattered.

This broken picture of the talent management process wasn’t a new discovery. It was (and remains) the topic of countless conversations, conferences, articles. Failure of HR technology to really deliver C-Level value was on the lips of countless HR experts and pundits, but exactly how to connect the functions was still unclear.

With this backdrop, we took the time to focus on what mattered most to executives and employees alike – a company’s vision for what they wanted to become. We then built a system that could decompose that vision socially through a corporate hierarchy into the goals of each and every employee.

We discovered that the model, when applied to the total talent suite, could address age-old challenges and begin to answer profound questions we all ask about our jobs: Why does my work matter? Are people staying focused and following up on our plan? What is the allocation of my talent against my goals? How do we actively improve engagement? Are we hiring for the right goals? Are we hiring for the right roles? Are we successfully onboarding people into our culture?

We found we had created the first system that bridges the gap between Human Capital Management and Business Management, and does it at the necessary speed: real-time.

Today with 400 clients, millions of users, lightning-fast growth, and an end-to-end suite of services that work together like no other talent solution in history, we are on a path to reinventing talent management the way many industry experts have imagined it could be: constructed out of the goals and vision of what a company believes it can become.

As ClearCompany, our vision is to help great companies achieve their vision. Align, Connect and Grow with us. We will be with you throughout your talent management process every step of the way.

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