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The Benefits of Switching to a Modern Hiring Platform

August 12, 2021
5 min read
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Is your hiring process working against you, preventing you from finding, onboarding, and retaining top candidates? If your recruiters and HR team are not yet using a modern hiring platform, now is the time to update your tools to stay in front of today’s top talent. Hiring software can help recruitment and onboarding processes run more smoothly and simplify daily tasks. Adopting software gives recruiters the tools to bring top-quality candidates in the door and enables HR teams to onboard candidates efficiently.

A great #candidateexperience matters more than ever — good thing it’s easy to engage candidates with a #hiringplatform like @ClearCompany:

If you're exploring your options for hiring software, you can expect several benefits when your organization makes the switch:

  • Engaging, standout candidate experience
  • Increased transparency and access to candidate information
  • Easy-to-use, accurate applicant tracking, and management
  • Digital paperless onboarding
  • Consistent candidate pipeline

Engaging Candidate Experience

Candidate experience starts long before job seekers submit an application, and it has a big impact on your candidate pool. 63% of candidates would reject a job offer after a bad experience, and 60% quit in the middle of filling out applications that are too long or complex. Plus, applicants are 80% more likely to apply at your company again if they had a good experience.

63% of candidates would reject a job offer after a bad experience. 60% quit in the middle of filling out applications that are too long or complex.

Those numbers show the importance of candidate experience at every stage of recruiting, whether or not the applicant is hired. The right hiring platform can help you refine processes at every stage, from simplifying your job application to attract more candidates to electronically sending offer letters for fast signing. A great ATS can even help recruiters stay in touch with previous applicants and match them with future open positions.

Transparent and Accessible

You can expect a modern hiring platform to offer increased transparency and information access to recruiters and hiring managers. With a cloud-based, centralized dashboard, candidate information is readily available to everyone involved in the hiring process. This eliminates confusion surrounding an applicant’s hiring status. It also ensures recruiters and hiring managers can access up-to-date, accurate candidate information when they need it.

Anyone involved in hiring can access the platform to get quick updates about candidates:

  • See scheduled interviews and review interview scorecards
  • Check the status of digital offer letters
  • View the progress of onboarding tasks and set automated reminders for new hires and internal team members

Easy Applicant Management

One of the most important features of a great hiring platform is its ability to easily manage applicants. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with modern tools and features should enable your recruiters and hiring teams to:

  • Post jobs to several job boards to reach a wider audience of candidates

  • View up-to-date applicant information, including hiring status and contact information

  • Keep a record of all communications with the applicant

  • Automate tedious tasks like interview scheduling and sending new hire paperwork

  • Create a database of qualified candidates to reach out to regarding future open positions

  • Refine the application and hiring process for a smooth candidate experience

  • Make cross-team communication clearer and easier with a cloud-based ATS

Using software in the hiring process can help reduce both time-to-fill (the total time it takes to fill a position) and time-to-hire (the time from when a candidate applies to when they sign their offer letter). An ATS is more than just a database of candidates’ emails and phone numbers. It’s a searchable, accurate, and accessible platform for recruiters and hiring teams, and makes it easier for job seekers to apply. A powerful ATS helps recruiters and hiring managers find qualified candidates and get them hired faster.

Painless Digital Onboarding

The onboarding experience can make or break new employee retention: 69% of employees say a good onboarding experience makes them more likely to stay at the company for at least three years. 33% say they’d leave a job because of a poor onboarding experience.

That’s more than enough reason to streamline difficult processes and help new hires get settled fast. Switching to a modern hiring platform with paperless onboarding makes it easier to share documents with new hires and see completed paperwork. It also enables remote hiring, opening up a new pool of remote candidates.

33% of employees would leave a job if they had a bad onboarding experience. @ClearCompany says if you switch to a modern #hiringplatform, you can increase employee retention:

Lasting Applicant Pipeline

Using a modern hiring platform helps you stay in contact with promising candidates who weren’t hired initially. These are valuable candidates since they’re already familiar with your company and have expressed an interest in working there, too. An Applicant Tracking System can help you spot potential candidates whose skills match new job postings, allowing recruiters to find best-fit candidates, speed up the hiring process, and get open positions filled quickly.

A Modern Hiring Platform Makes a Difference

It’s clear that adopting a modern hiring platform has tons of benefits for your recruiters and HR teams. Candidate and new hire information become readily accessible and hiring and onboarding run more efficiently. Most importantly, candidates are engaged throughout the entire process, making it more likely that they’ll work at your company for several years. In addition, your recruiters have the opportunity to build a talent pipeline of qualified candidates.

ClearCompany’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding tools help organizations across all industries recruit and hire qualified candidates. It’s time to modernize candidate experience, simplify applicant management, and save valuable time for recruiters and HR teams. Get started today with a free demo of ClearCompany’s intuitive hiring platform.

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