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Tools To Recruit and Retain Remote Talent

May 4, 2021
5 min read
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Last summer, nearly half of the U.S. workforce worked remoted full-time. Now, while some organizations may be prepping for a return to the office, many job seekers continue to look for remote roles. And, with a fierce battle for top talent gearing up, recruiters need to find unique ways to connect with A Players. Now is the time for hiring managers to lean on tools made with remote teams in mind. We’ve broken down four essential tools recruiters should embrace to source and hire strong remote candidates.

@ClearCompany offers advice on the tools that #HRLeaders need to recruit a productive #remote team:

1. An Applicant Tracking System

Strengthening your remote team starts with building your remote team. Applicant Tracking Systems help recruiters and hiring managers sort and sift through candidates. Hiring managers can dictate keywords and criteria to their ATS, and the system works to screen applicants based on those parameters. This helps HR leaders save time by reducing the number of unqualified candidates they review. A strong Applicant Tracking System builds rapport and momentum between candidates and your hiring team and helps you reduce your time-to-hire.

What you should expect from your ATS:

  • Engage and source passive candidates to widen your talent pool

  • Manage, streamline, and report on all of your recruiting channels

  • Provide the best candidate experience available

  • Multilingual capabilities to attract diverse candidates

  • Automate interview scheduling

ClearCompany’s award-winning ATS is built to support your remote recruiting strategies. With easy integration, you can implement your ATS across multiple career sites, ensuring you meet candidates where they are. And, with our enhanced branding capabilities, you can rest assured that your employer brand is upheld across all job postings.

2. A Digital Onboarding Platform

The way you onboard your employees leaves a lasting impression and echoes outside of your organization to potential applicants. If your new hire has a poor onboarding experience, chances are, they’ll soon be looking for work elsewhere. In today’s job market, 68% of new employees leave a job within the first three months. Considering the high cost of turnover, recruiters and HR managers need to find ways to retain their new hires. One method for doing this is by embracing a digital onboarding platform. When you commit to hiring a remote team, you need to have a digital onboarding platform to support it. Virtual onboarding enables you to instantly start the onboarding process and streamline tedious tasks, such as signing paperwork, so new hires can get to know the team and start building relationships on the first day.

What you should expect from your digital onboarding platform:

  • Helps ensure new hire compliance

  • Provide the necessary tools and information for your employee to succeed

  • Introduce new hires to their team

  • Consolidate and track necessary paperwork

  • Create a clear plan for success

Tip: ClearCompany’s paperless Onboarding platform allows you to customize your onboarding strategy to best fit your needs.

3. Social + Collaborative Tools

Remote work can feel isolating, but companies can embrace internal communication tools to achieve quick responses and foster a sense of camaraderie among teams. Employees need a quick way to communicate with and connect with their colleagues. Platforms with instant messaging, like Slack, help to keep your team engaged and connected and reduce feelings of loneliness. Additionally, organizations need to embrace collaboration wherever possible. The best collaboration platforms connect your employees, offer a space to discuss projects, leave feedback and suggestions, and more.

What you should expect from your social + collaborative tools:

  • A reflection of your company culture

  • Instant messaging

  • Employee recognition and kudos

  • Ability to insert gifs, documents, and photos

  • Mobile optimization

Looking to enhance your #remote #recruiting strategies?  @ClearCompany breaks down the tools you’ll need to hire the right person for the job:

4. A Performance Management Platform

Remote work brings about unique challenges for managers when it comes to tracking and overseeing performance. In a virtual workspace, employees do not have the oversight of an on-site manager. For those who need a lot of structure in the workplace, this can be tricky. But a performance management platform can help. When organizations adopt a performance management platform, they can access a dashboard view of employee performance. Leaders can easily see whether their employees are completing their tasks on time or showing signs of burnout.

Performance management in 2021 continues to rely on employers’ abilities to adapt to the current climate. Organizations that embrace technology and digitization will find it easier to navigate the new management landscape and find new ways to support and embrace their employees, creating a culture of highly engaged, motivated remote workers.

What you should expect from your performance management tools:

  • Goal tracking

  • Employee engagement surveys

  • Real-time feedback

  • Employee recognition tools

  • 360 reviews

See why you should be using ClearCompany for your performance management strategy.

Your remote recruitment strategies need the support of digital tools to simplify the onboarding process, foster camaraderie, and maintain performance. The best recruitment tools are easy to use and integrate well with your existing talent management solutions.

For 16 years, ClearCompany’s award-winning Talent Management solutions have helped workplaces achieve their recruitment, hiring, engagement, and retention goals. We offer customizable ATS, Onboarding, and Performance Management solutions to help you solve your everyday HR needs in a remote, in-person, or hybrid landscape. For more information about how ClearCompany can help you find, hire, and keep your A Players, reach out to our team of experts and sign up for your free demo today.

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