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5 HR Game-Changers That You Need to Know About, Yesterday

October 7, 2014
4 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged



Everything about the Human Resources department has changed drastically in the last decade, and the evolution is still going on. The HR tech arms race, as some experts have called it, can be an intense one to keep up in. New and improved technologies are consistently hitting the market. The following are what we’re looking at right now as the game-changers in HR.

Paperless Onboarding

If you didn’t catch this article on our blog about the new hire break-even point, take a look. Every employer wants to reach the break-even point of a new hire as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is the point at which gains equal losses for the new hire. A good onboarding process is designed to get each employee to this point to render a positive return on investment. 

Paperless onboarding can be used to expedite the entire onboarding process. Smart forms reduce the redundancies in paperwork that are both annoying, and a waste of time. Paperless onboarding also eliminates the back and forth chase to hunt down and collect the appropriate signatures. Throw in automated compliance reporting, and paperless onboarding is a shoe-in as a leading HR game-changer. 

360-Performance Reviews

We’ve been aware for some time that the traditional performance review process is extremely ineffective. The answer is 360-performance reviews. This new review process combines peer assessments, manager reviews and self-evaluations to cultivate a more accurate picture of the employee’s real contribution to the organization. 

Performance management is crucial, but the current process has 58% of HR managers disliking their own review systems. Performance reviews no longer have to be the hated waste of time that they have been for so long, with 360-reviews.

Big Data Visualization Tools

Organizations have been mining data, storing it and then…having no idea what to do with it. Instead of sitting on mountains of data, employers are learning how to render it useful with big data visualization tools.

When leaders can actually see how the organization is currently connecting with the overall strategy, they are able to act proactively, allocate talent and even forecast talent needs. Most companies already have this powerful data, but no way to organize and interpret it; big data visualization software is bridging that gap.

Talent Forecasting

It is projected that 3 out of 4 jobs in the supply chain will change by 2015, and that 60% of all new jobs in the 21st century will require skills that only 20% of the workforce possess. The widening skill gap and talent drought have made talent forecasting a must for most industries.

“A process during which organizations consider different variables that affect the future supply and demand for talent, such as strategic plans (e.g., expansion into new geographical regions or new product lines) and limitations on access to qualified talent (e.g., number of engineers graduating annually). Talent forecasting is much more than a simple headcount analysis.” - Bersin by Deloitte

Tap to Apply

We all thought that the LinkedIn One-Click to Apply button was groundbreaking, but then came the One-Tap to Apply. Mobile recruiting is taking over. Candidates have made their demands heard and they want to see mobile career sites, they want a simple and fast mobile application process, and they need to be able to get a feel for the culture, see employees and understand the company vision, all from their smart devices.

Although an overwhelming number of job seekers demand a superior mobile job hunting and recruitment experience, only about 18% of recruiters have optimized their job posts for mobile, and just 20% have mobile-optimized career sites.

The HR technology industry is continuing to expand and it is affecting every other industry. Every company with more than 10 employees has some type of HR software in place used by employees, candidates, contractors and managers. In short, everyone uses these tools, so it makes sense to stay current.

Would you like to see what’s new in applicant tracking, onboarding, talent alignment and performance management? Let’s talk about it now.

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