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October 6, 2022
7 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Each year at Talent Success Conference, ClearCompany delivers informative product sessions, real talent management strategies, and the latest in HR industry thought leadership, and 2022 was no exception.TSC 2022, our seventh annual and third all-virtual conference, brought together ClearCompany product experts and top HR experts for two days of engaging, enlightening sessions.

If you didn’t make TSC this year, not to worry — we’re recapping the highlights for you here. Then, get access to two of the sessions to watch for yourself! 

Let’s dig into some of the expert advice and insights from TSC 2022.

Workshops and Product Tips from ClearCompany Experts

Each year, the first day of Talent Success Conference is dedicated to ClearCompany clients and our software product. They get an inside look at our plans and vision for the future, learn about the HR best practices that inform product development, and attend workshops that help them utilize ClearCompany tools to the fullest.  

ClearCompany clients attended a variety of best practices product sessions:

  • ClearCompany Product Vision & Roadmap
  • How to Create an Employee-First Performance & Engagement Strategy
  • ATS Features Our Recruiters Can't Live Without
  • How To Capture Meaningful Employee Feedback & Act On It to Improve Retention and Culture
  • ClearCompany Client Success Story - A Strategic Approach to Talent Management

Clients also attended workshops for real-time, interactive product training with ClearCompany product experts, walking away with brand-new skills and actionable strategies:

  • Creating Inclusive Job Postings
  • Building Text & Email Recruiting Templates
  • A How-To Guide for Sourcing from Your Past Candidate Database
  • Strengthen Your Career Pages to Impress Job Seekers

Serilda Summers-McGee on Belonging at Work

Following our CEO and Co-Founder Andre Lavoie’s opening remarks, Serilda Summers-McGee kicked off the second day of TSC 2022. Summers-McGee is the Principal and CEO of Workplace Change, a firm that advises on how to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into companies’ HR systems. She knows that a healthy company requires healthy culture, and that’s what her firm helps companies create.

In her session, Summers-McGee spoke to attendees about the importance of belonging in the workplace and how HR professionals can deconstruct current policies to promote that sense of belonging. She talked about how to examine your current policies, how to balance culture and compliance in new policies, and how to apply them equitably.

Watch Summers-McGee’s powerful and engaging session for real strategies you can apply to your organization.


Ben Eubanks on What Today’s Candidates Want

Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Ben Eubanks, is no stranger to TSC! Last year, Eubanks shared several performance management practices of high-performing companies and how to apply them. This year, the author, speaker, and researcher joined us on the TSC stage to share insights from his firm’s most recent research on what’s most important to today’s job seekers.

Eubanks’ session at TSC 2022 dove into the data around candidate priorities, the ghosting phenomenon employers are experiencing more than ever, and how to connect to candidates on a deeper level. He showed attendees how they can use real research to prevent ghosting and hire successfully.

Watch his session to find out what the research shows and how you can use it to prevent ghosting and hire successfully.


Michelle Silverthorn on Seeing and Stopping Bias at Work

Michelle Silverthorn is the Founder and CEO of Inclusion Nation, a diversity solutions company that offers coaching, training, workshops, interactive e-learning, and more. In her interactive session, Silverthorn spoke to TSC attendees about their role in recognizing, challenging, and stopping biases in the workplace. Silverthorn encouraged listeners to commit to the work of interrupting bias and doing their part to build authentic diversity. 

“When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, I want you to remember that changing behaviors is not just about changing hearts and minds,” said Silverthorn. “You are also putting policies and procedures into place that people will adapt their behaviors to, and that is the work of leading.”


Kaleana Quibell on Employee Wellbeing to Engage and Retain

Kaleana Quibell, VP of Wellbeing and Partnerships at Sequoia Consulting Group, brought her expertise in the employee benefits space to TSC 2022. In her session, Quibell shared the data around wellbeing programs that engage and retain employees. She also shared some creative solutions many companies are taking to offer competitive wellbeing programs and what listeners could do to make an immediate impact. 

Quibell’s session emphasized that companies’ employee wellbeing policies and programs must take  their families, passions, and other needs outside of work into account. “Wellbeing programs will really only be successful if you recognize the whole person — and their community,” said Quibell.


Amber Dinh’s Talent Acquisition Toolkit for Recruiters

Talent acquisition expert Amber Dinh is the Senior Manager of Field Recruitment at DISH Network and the Founder of the nonprofit Facing Homelessness Denver. During her session, Dinh spoke to attendees about the importance of a consistent candidate experience and how transparency and setting expectations can reduce bias in hiring. She also shared real actions for recruiters to take, including strategies for building an employer brand, increasing the diversity of candidates and the hiring team, and sending the right message to candidates.

Dinh also encouraged recruiters to use slower hiring periods to grow in other areas, saying, “Do something for your community. Do something for yourself. Do something for somebody on your team that is struggling and you have that special ‘Ah-ha’ to take them to the next level.”


We’re just scratching the surface of the deep knowledge, understanding, and passion for people management these excellent speakers brought to TSC 2022. Luckily, you can click here to get access to Serilda Summers-McGee’s jam-packed session. 

We hope you’ll join us next year at Talent Success Conference 2023!

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