How to Get the Most Out of Sourcing Candidates with Your ATS

Modern tech is all about making everything simple, fast and easy. The more a piece of technology does for us, the more we value it. And it’s why, as recruiting software gets more powerful, it needs to start integrating differing parts of the hiring process into its fold. One great example of this is how applicant tracking systems have begun sourcing candidates as well. If your applicant tracking system can’t source, it’s stuck in the past. But how can companies make the most out of sourcing candidates with their sourcing-optimized ATS? We’re glad you asked!

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5 Steps for Sourcing Candidates with Recruiting Analytics

Proper sourcing can help you both widen your candidate pool by reaching out to more sources of hires, and help you pare down your talent pool when you need to sort the best from the great. But how do you go about recruiting in an age where candidates are seemingly everywhere (and nowhere at the same time), overloading your recruiting process with useless information? You make sourcing candidates clean, easy and simple, that’s how. Follow our five-step process from profile to interview and you’ll never have to worry if your sourcing is up to snuff again.

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Talent Sourcing, Strategic Sourcing, ClearCompany Sourcing

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