Background Checks: What You Need To Know Before You Hire

Just how honest are your job applicants? While using a goal-based approach is a smart way to find better candidates, not everyone in your talent pipeline is going to report their work history with 100 percent accuracy.

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Recruiting & Screening are Broken. (yes, yours too...) Here's How to Hire the Best Fit by using Goal Alignment:

Here’s some truth you might not want to hear: Your recruitment and selection process is broken and inefficient. Before you get defensive, think critically about how you isolate, screen, and select the employees who will add value to your company. Can you really say there are no inefficiencies in the process?

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Better Job Descriptions and Faster Approval with a Focus on Goals

We all know the recruitment and selection process can be inefficient, but it doesn’t have to be. Focusing on goals before your first candidate sits down for an interview is a great way to cut out the fat from the recruitment process and get the correct people for the job faster.

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