ClearCompany Ranks #1 Among Top HR Software Suites

At ClearCompany, our top priority is delighting our clients with best-in-class software solutions and exceptional service to match. If you have ever worked with us, you know we pride ourselves on an unprecedented 99% retention rate, and truly take client feedback to heart. 

That is why we are thrilled to share our first achievement of 2017! ClearCompany is #1 among top HR software solutions in four key categories:

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10 Recruiting Dos and Don’ts Heading Into 2016

UPDATE: 2016 may be over, but the recruiting industry is still constantly changing. To keep up with these trends we've compiled a new list of 10 dos and don'ts you'll need while going into the new year of 2017. Curious to see these updates? Check out the article here:

We’re just a few days away from the end of 2015! Recruiting experts have made their 2016 predictions, and it’s becoming clear that companies will be (or already have been) revamping their digital recruitment marketing efforts.The recruitment marketing landscape is changing so fast it’s going to be hard for companies to catch up if they haven’t already become adept to the trends of 2015. This is the perfect time to start preparing for the near future by examining your current strategies and planning for the big, inevitable changes that are coming.

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New Qualities Candidates Should Possess in 2016

The Quantified Self movement is enormously popular in an increasingly data-driven world. More than ever before, people are driven by self-improvement and looking for ways to quantify their efforts. 

Self-tracking devices and applications make it possible to measure things like calorie intake, spending patterns, and sleep patterns. There’s even apps that track your happiness. This trend in personal accountability was bound to be explored by corporate entities eventually and, with the emerging field of “people analytics,” that time is now.

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