Why Your ATS Needs an Interview Scheduling Solution

Interviewing is like trying to find something to watch on Netflix. You spend all this time, energy and brainpower perusing the endless list of shows and movies and every once in awhile something catches your eye, but you’re too afraid to commit because you don’t want to be disappointed. You wish someone could just make up your mind for you! By the end of it, you’ve started the first season of some obscure sci-fi show, wondering if you’ve made the right choice...and you didn’t. Add other people into the mix and it gets even more complicated. Enter applicant tracking systems. The point is A LOT goes into interviewing: choosing candidates, coordinating schedules, preparing questions, following up and a laundry list of other things. So, as a recruiter or hiring manager, you’ll do just about anything to make the process quicker and more efficient. Enter interview scheduling. You probably already have an ATS. If you’re really ahead of the game, your ATS of choice has a built-in interview scheduling solution, like ours! Here’s why you should seriously think about (or be grateful for) having this kind of solution embedded within your ATS.
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