The Best Job Ad Advice We've Ever Had

Oh, the job ad. Your very first impression on a candidate that can either pull them in or push them away. 80% of the respondents in a recent survey actively use career websites to find information about a potential employer. We’ve written about the best tips and tricks for job advertisements before but as the new graduating class gears up to hit the job market, it may be time for a little refresher. From job ads on mobile to caffeinating your descriptions, here are the tips you need to know now.

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Job Descriptions

Need Caffeine? So Do Your Job Descriptions

Almost any company that invests in setting and tracking goals on the individual level that connect each worker with the company’s overall strategy, is going to see dramatic increases in performance on all levels. So when does this talent and goal alignment mission begin? Sooner than you would probably think --it begins with targeted talent attraction. 

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Job Descriptions, Business Transparency, Transparency, Goal Transparency

Employee Referral Program Tips: Aligning Your Team For Success

You might be closer to your next great hire than you think. Recent studies have shown the employee referral is the No. 1 source of external hires.

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Job Descriptions, Goal Alignment, Talent Alignment, Goals, Employee Referrals, Corporate Communication, Employee Retention, Employee Referral Program

How to Hire Smarter by Powering your Recruiting Software with Goals

Can leveraging your recruiting software to start a goal-based recruiting process help your company find and hire the best talent? We certainly think so!

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Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Job Descriptions, Recruiting Software, Employee Turnover, Goals, Goal-Based Recruiting, Goal-Based Hiring, Open Positions

Your Career Site's Secret Weapon: Style

Over the years, I've seen some bad career sites. I don't mean just a little sloppy, I mean honest to goodness embarrassing pages that send potential candidates running for the hills. 

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