3 Mindsets That Will Cost You Passive Candidates

When it comes to critical roles that need to be filled, 95% of the people who you’d hire aren’t even looking. Why? They’re already cashing a paycheck from another company. It’s why passive candidates are the most sought after candidate in recruiting. It’s like dating, all the good ones are either taken or not interested. When vying for the eye of the passive candidate,you must not fall into the trap of these three mindsets:

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How to Get the Most Out of Sourcing Candidates with Your ATS

Modern tech is all about making everything simple, fast and easy. The more a piece of technology does for us, the more we value it. And it’s why, as recruiting software gets more powerful, it needs to start integrating differing parts of the hiring process into its fold. One great example of this is how applicant tracking systems have begun sourcing candidates as well. If your applicant tracking system can’t source, it’s stuck in the past. But how can companies make the most out of sourcing candidates with their sourcing-optimized ATS? We’re glad you asked!

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5 Candidate Sourcing Benefits You Can Integrate into Your ATS

People like multitasking, but not everyone can do it. As it turns out, only 2% of people can properly do more than one thing at a time. Thankfully, that’s not a problem for software; if you want software to do multiple things at once, it’s more than prepared for the task. Candidate sourcing and applicant tracking, for example, can be done simultaneously without compromising on the quality of either. And when you put the two together, you get a number of bonuses to both your sourcing and applicant tracking.

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