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Onboarding Applicant Tracking System Case Study

How Packsize Uses ClearCompany to Right-Size Its Workforce

November 2, 2023
4 min read

Packsize finds employees to advance

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ClearCompany’s mission is to help thousands of clients achieve their own missions by maximizing their employees’ talent. The ClearCompany Talent Management Platform helps clients in every industry revolutionize hiring and manage the entire employee lifecycle. Our experts are passionate about helping HR teams improve and support all types of workforces by way of our full-platform talent management solution and with best-practice knowledge.

Frequently, ClearCompany clients sit down with us to share what drove the need for a software solution at their company and their experience using our award-winning software. From private universities and senior living communities to manufacturing and on-demand packaging companies, we are dedicated to ensuring clients’ growth and success through the employees who make it happen every day.

To view all our case studies of real clients and their success using ClearCompany, please go to our case study library.

🌍 Packsize, the champions of sustainable packaging, have another feather in their cap — successful recruiting and onboarding processes! Read about their success with ClearCompany ➡️

A View Into Packsize

For the last 20 years, Packsize has provided right-sized, on-demand packaging services for businesses. Their mission is to deliver high-quality, efficient packaging solutions that are better for the planet, better for business, and better for customers. Packsize helps businesses minimize packaging waste, optimize warehouse storage capacity, and improve transport efficiency. This leads to significant cost savings for Packsize clients and furthers their mission of environmental sustainability.

As a growing business that requires highly-trained tech workers and teams of engineers deployed remotely at numerous locations, Packsize needed a sustainable talent pipeline.

The Problem: High-Volume Hiring Hurdles

Packsize’s problems stemmed from a need for frequent hiring combined with hiring remote and onsite employees. They also often needed to recruit for specialized roles like hardware and software engineers. Packsize wanted faster, streamlined processes that didn’t compromise the candidate or onboarding experience and a sustainable talent pipeline to propel their growth.

The Solution: ClearCompany Recruiting to the Rescue

To navigate these challenges, Packsize teamed up with ClearCompany. ClearCompany set Packsize up with an extensive suite of features, including a user-friendly Interview Toolkit, calendar integrations for scheduling interviews, and the freedom of candidate communication via email, text, or LinkedIn.

The cherry on top was the paperless onboarding that permits new hires to complete required forms online prior to their first day. With the seamless integration between these tools and Packsize's payroll provider, ADP, an updated record for each prospective and existing employee was just a click away.

View Case Study: Learn how ClearCompany Recruiting and Onboarding helps Packsize hire and onboard faster without compromising employee experience.

“The entire candidate journey from beginning to end is why we like ClearCompany. It allows a candidate to look at a job description online, easily apply to the website, or be contacted by one of our recruiters and put into the system. Then taking that candidate from the initial recruiter interview all the way to the offer stage is seamless.” - Mark Bell, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

The Results: Streamlined and Supported

With ClearCompany’s leading Recruiting and Onboarding solutions, Packsize can attract and retain top talent. In 2022 alone, they successfully filled over 270 vacancies, thanks to the efficiencies gained from templates, integrations, and automation. ClearCompany’s customizable dashboards and comprehensive report library provided Packsize with clarity around recruitment and onboarding.

Packsize also works with ClearCompany's award-winning Support and Customer Success teams to get the most out of every feature and grow their business to new heights.

See how Packsize uses ClearCompany’s extensive and intuitive reporting center for a clear view of recruiting and onboarding processes. Packsize Success Story

ClearCompany Talent Acquisition utilizes your company’s mission and vision to hire, onboard, and retain more top talent, providing a complete feature set to meet the needs of today’s HR administrators. Our integrated platform moves beyond recruiting and onboarding the right people for your business and helps you build HR strategies based on industry-leading talent management practices.

With countless features to facilitate every aspect of your talent acquisition processes, ClearCompany is the best choice for companies in every industry. With a best-in-class applicant tracking and onboarding system, seamless integrations, and in-depth reporting, ClearCompany helps you recruit, ramp, recognize, and retain top talent every step of the way.

For fast-growing packaging services provider Packsize, the benefits of a unified recruiting and onboarding system were clear. To learn more about Packsize’s success with ClearCompany, read the full case study below.

For more information on how ClearCompany can expedite growth and drive results in your recruiting and HR processes, reach out to our experts today to schedule a free demo.

Caring for the Earth and Employees. Learn how Packsize provides excellent recruiting and onboarding experiences with ClearCompany. Read the case study.

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