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Introducing Learning & Development: The Next Extension of the ClearCompany Platform

June 10, 2024
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For the last eight years running, ClearCompany has been named the fastest-growing talent management provider on the Inc. 5000. Even at a time when so many other HR tech companies seem to be stalling, ClearCo continues its long trend of robust growth. We believe this is because companies are waking up to the realization that the stand-alone tools in their HR tech stack are failing in their promise of a unified workflow for the employee and unified data for their teams.

The marketing-backed, VC-driven “features-as-a-product” trend over the last ten years has left HR professionals disillusioned about the value they thought they could derive from so many separate systems that can’t share data or extend the user experience. They have come to discover that talent management tools work better when they are integrated and unified in one experience — because that is how they were always meant to be. In fact, in the age of AI, bringing separate systems and data together is becoming a clear imperative.

I’m incredibly proud of the work our team has done to create one of the most effective and easiest-to-use talent management solutions available in the market — but we had one missing piece that we needed to complete. To that end, I’m excited to announce our acquisition of Brainier, a leader in learning management systems for businesses that is now an extension of the ClearCompany platform.

📖 🧠 ClearCompany believes that an essential pillar of an effective talent development and retention strategy and, by extension, of a successful organization, is a culture of learning. Learn how the Talent Management platform’s acquisition of LMS Brainier will empower its users:

Why Learning and Why Now?

For ClearCompany, Brainier doesn't just complete our talent suite — it’s a strategic game-changer when it comes to the value we can now provide for our customers. Bringing learning into the flow of recruiting, onboarding, performance, and engagement is a transformative step on our path toward a much bigger vision: to maximize talent with the most comprehensive and intelligent talent management experience in the world.

It has long been our belief that learning is a core pillar of an effective talent development and retention strategy. Yet, it continues to be treated as a tool that sits on its own island, delivering compliance and mandatory training — and the tech industry has been content to supply these products while leaving the burden and cost of unifying workflow and data to HR and IT teams for a “total talent experience” that actually just consists of integrations with other tools in the HR tech stack.

The idea that a company can actually achieve this is a fallacy. In fact, it would take more people than most of these companies employ working on this problem every single day for many years to actually achieve that experience — trust me, I know from personal experience. I have spent that much time and all of the resources of my company working on that very challenge.

But there is a bigger opportunity at hand. Right now, organizational learning is undergoing a renaissance. Changes to the physical workplace, as well as to the ways in which work gets done, are outpacing the workforce’s ability to adapt and, therefore, a business’s ability to fully harness its advantages. Leaders now see that having a deep understanding of their workforce's skills and knowledge, as well as an effective strategy for developing and growing them, is crucial for long-term success — and they need to see these factors together in one place to make sense of it all.

“With Brainier, we will infuse learning into every aspect of the talent management experience.”

- Andre Lavoie, ClearCompany CEO and Co-Founder

With Brainier, we will infuse learning into every aspect of the talent management experience. This means a future where each employee, from the time they’re hired and onboarded through each performance review and feedback cycle, is empowered by a personalized learning experience tailored to their unique skills, role, and goals for growth.

By breaking learning free from its silo, we can finally achieve what so many software point solutions have promised and failed to deliver — a data-driven and seamless talent management experience that drives improved performance, supports internal mobility, deepens employee engagement, and helps individuals thrive in their career journeys while moving business goals forward. We’re building a holistic experience that elevates learning beyond the realm of mandatory training and instead makes it a core part of a company’s ethos and culture.

🧠 ClearCompany joins forces with leading LMS Brainier to offer the most comprehensive talent management system on the market:

Creating More Value for HR With Brainier

This is an exciting time of transition and growth for both the ClearCompany and Brainier teams as we embark on unifying our businesses, teams, and solutions. Brainier has built an extraordinary product and cultivated a culture that perfectly complements ClearCompany. Their deep expertise in the learning space will allow us to create value for our customers so much more quickly. The time is now to revolutionize how we think about what comprehensive and truly integrated talent management can be.

We look forward to sharing future roadmap updates as soon as we begin working together to bring our vision to life.

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