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Increase Team Efficiency and Productivity with Talent Alignment

November 15, 2013
4 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


It’s no secret that collaboration is the key to a successful organization. But, despite all the technology we have to keep us connected, the modern workplace is full of roadblocks that decrease team efficiency and stop employees from working together.

One of the biggest obstacles preventing seamless and efficient collaboration across an organization can be a lack of talent alignment. The “How Leaders Grow Today” survey by ClearCompany and Dale Carnegie found communication breakdowns were the biggest challenge in cascading corporate goals. Without clearly communicating objectives, it becomes harder to understand what everyone is working on and working towards, making collaboration across teams or departments extremely difficult.

If your workers don’t understand how their unique contributions fit into overall company goals, they can’t see how their work intersects with other employees and departments. And - without seeing how their piece fits into the company puzzle - team collaboration towards organizational goals becomes more difficult, even for your best employees.

What's your company's collaboration solution? The key lies in aligning your people with strategic company goals and enabling them to visualize their work and the work happening around them. Here are some ways proper talent alignment can improve team efficiency, cut down on wasted time, and achieve company objectives:

Improving Employee Engagement

A recent Gallup survey showed 70 percent of workers are disengaged in their roles. It may seem obvious that you can't afford to ignore employee engagement if you want your company to stay on track. Engaged workers are more likely to be willing and able to roll up their sleeves and work on team collaboration.

What's the collaboration solution? Focusing on goals, keeping employees aligned with organizational objectives, and allowing them to see their contributions helps your best people understand the value of their hard work. They easily understand their unique value, staying focused on goals can help improve employee engagement and motivation. This can lead to higher team efficiency and stronger collaboration between employees, and departments can better understand how their part fits into the whole.

Addressing Problems

Without proper alignment, it's all too easy for a molehill to turn into a mountain. If you can't see how work cascades and how individual contributions add up to company goals, small problems quickly become big issues. This can make team collaboration much harder, especially when workers try to shift the blame.

What's the collaboration solution? Team efficiency as a whole can be improved by tracking goals on an individual, group, department, or organizational level. Doing so allows you to see and understand where work is going, making it easier to keep a team motivated and address specific concerns along the workflow. Visualizing every step from the top of the org chart to the bottom allows you to address a problem as soon as it arises. Goal alignment can keep small issues from snowballing into a communication avalanche.

Reducing Office Politics

Office politics can wreak havoc with workplace collaboration. Office politicking rarely makes the workplace a more fun or productive place for employees to spend their 9-to-5. A sour company culture can soon affect employee engagement, leading to less productive workers, more employee turnover, and the wrong people ending up with more responsibility.

What's the collaboration solution? Keeping everything goal-aligned and frequently tracking and discussing results can reduce the impact of office politics on performance. Since you can see everything happening in your company, everyone gets credit for their own work, cutting down on hurt feelings and posturing, and allowing for collaboration without the politics.

Less Time Wasted

This scenario will probably sound familiar: You have a huge project to complete, yet there is still a minefield of meetings to get through before your employees can roll up their sleeves and get started. Project collaboration is important, yet many of the ways companies try to encourage open communication can end up irritating employees and work as a roadblock to collaboration, employee productivity, and team efficiency.

What's the collaboration solution? By keeping things goal-based you can manage projects, have meetings for the right reasons, and make sure your employees are aligned. This means less time wasted on unproductive meetings. Keeping your workplace aligned with goals means making collaboration count.

Getting your employees on the same page is far from easy. To achieve team efficiency, modern collaboration is needed should you expect to meet company goals. Keeping goal alignment in mind while communicating across the organizational chart helps improve employee engagement, cut down on office politics, and gets everyone working toward common goals.

To learn more about the ways ClearCompany can help you achieve stronger team collaboration. reach out to our experts today and schedule your free demo.

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