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How the Top 4 Best Places to Work Nail Employee Engagement

April 2, 2017
5 min read
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51% of employees aren’t engaged, and haven’t been for a while.

Gallup has been researching engagement of the American workforce for over 15 years. They discovered four foundational needs to achieve employee engagement.

  1. Basic needs (knowing what’s expected of them)
  2. Individual needs (are given materials to help them do their best work)
  3. Teamwork needs (ability to get along with and build meaningful projects with others)
  4. Personal growth needs (promotion and development options)

Looking at the list, it doesn’t seem difficult to meet those needs, but with half of the workforce stating they’re not engaged, we’re clearly missing something. So we looked to companies who report high levels of engagement, happier employees and who are winning all the top awards. Read through these engaging tactics and see if there are any you can start adopting at your organization. Take a look at the top four Best Places to Work from the 2017 Business Insider list:

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png Do you know the 4 basic needs to achieve #EmployeeEngagement ? Read about them here:


Bain & Company

This company is a management consulting firm dedicated to career growth from the start. An associate consultant with Bain & Company, said in an anonymous Glassdoor review, “Even at the entry level, there are opportunities to work with senior executives at influential companies across every industry.”

What does new employee mixing with executives look like and how does it work? It might be as simple as a monthly lunch-and-learn or as complex as a mentorship program. Regardless, the advantages here are for everyone. Executives may not otherwise think to meet every new hire or engage with them on a regular basis, but when they do, leaders and higher-ups will gain a better insight into what learning and growth opportunities are available for every type of hire.

Employees want to feel valued, respected and have a leader who is willing to open the floor for opportunities. Get to know your employees in simple ways such as breaking down the executive suite offices, sit among your employees in conference rooms, break rooms, or have a weekly meeting outside of work over coffee. A casual setting gives you insight into employees’ goals and values while eliminating pressures of the office.


As the largest recognized social media platform, Facebook isn’t known only for their product, but their culture. Zuckerberg works closely with his company mission statement, ‘to make the world more open and connected,’ to fuel the culture.

Lori Goler, VP of People at Facebook, said all 10,000 Facebook employees “own” a piece of the culture. Each individual contributes to what Facebook refers to as “contributed” culture and to the company goal. All of which is very transparently communicated to candidates during hiring and recruiting stages.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png .@ClearCompany has counted down the top 4 companies nailing employee engagement! A few may surprise you:

Boston Consulting Group

Global business and management consulting company, Boston Consulting Group, was analyzed by Mabbly via Glassdoor.com data after the release of their winning #3 on the Best Place to Work list. Out of the 937 employee reviews, atmosphere and environment was the most positively reviewed section.

There are many ways to create positive work environments with a foundation of feedback and inclusion. Even A Players can fall victim to poor performance when leadership lacks constructive feedback. 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week.

The best way to implement employee feedback is by taking immediate action. If an employee handled a project particularly well, acknowledge them directly in a company or department-wide email. If the project could have been handled differently, provide tactics which better align with basic company practice and values. If time doesn’t allow immediate action, track these performance notes, with a Performance Management platform for future follow-ups.


Need a better employee engagement strategy? Run a workplace democracy, like Google, where each employee’s opinion is welcomed and considered. Google’s mission is to provide better lives for their teams and through leadership and positive influence.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png Of course @Google made the list for great employee engagement. Find out how they do it & how you can too:

How do they do this? Company-wide surveys are conducted, or what Google refers to as ‘people analytics.’ Even if certain departments are tightly woven, there’s a chance some levels of your organization feel conflicted with company policy changes and other company-wide decisions.

“Mixing quantitative and qualitative data enables leaders to really dig deep into the company’s inner- culture dynamic,” said Steffen Maier, Co-Founder of Impraise.

Maybe you’re not ready to send out surveys and take your company in this direction, but encourage employees to give you their feedback on what they think about new direction, changes and more.

If you want an engaged workplace, play off the four foundations of happy employees by giving your company a voice of its own, being transparent about your company mission and keeping an open workspace. How will you use these employee needs to your advantage? Tell us what works for you! @ClearCompany

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