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Discover The Different Types of Employee Engagement Surveys

November 24, 2020
4 min read
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Your employees are your greatest asset. Too often, organizations do not provide enough opportunities to give and receive feedback. Employee sentiment is measured too sporadically, or the insights that your employees provide are not utilized into actionable change. By using employee engagement surveys, leaders can gather data on the satisfaction of their teams and can identify trends to create benchmarks for future reference.

Below we break down what, exactly, employee engagement surveys are and how organizations can utilize ClearCompany’s survey templates better to understand the well-being and engagement levels of their employees.

Why should you use engagement surveys?

Employee engagement surveys are critical to your organization’s success. Surveys offer employers a way to gain insight into employee sentiment and offer employees a chance to speak freely and without fear of retribution. Employee surveys enable leaders to identify trends, highlight problem areas, and understand key issues their teams face.

Organizations should be frequently asking their teams for #feedback. @ClearCompany’s employee #engagement surveys supports your team in gathering data from your employees:

As we navigate the changes and challenges presented in a COVID-19 work environment, it has never been more important to survey your employees. Retaining your A Players not only saves you the stress of filling open positions, but it also protects your bottom line. Employees who feel heard in their careers are 4.6x more satisfied and engaged with their work, increasing the likelihood of them remaining at your company.

Simply put, surveying employee sentiment matters, and we are here to help.

When should you use engagement surveys?

We’ve made the case on why your organization should be using engagement surveys. So when should your company be sending out these surveys?

Organizations should be frequently asking their teams for feedback. Using an annual survey helps you track year-to-year trends, but these surveys should be supplemented with frequent pulse surveys. Pulse surveys are quick, easy surveys that employers can send out throughout the year to gather feedback. These surveys differ from the long, in-depth annual surveys and can be used to gather insight on specific trends and topics.

Bear in mind that surveys perform their best when feedback is actionable and timely. When you are surveying your team, make sure that you can take action on the topics you are addressing. Once you gather the data, focus on what changes you can implement to better support your employees.

What types of surveys does ClearCompany offer?

Remote/Work From Home

In 2020, the majority of the workforce transitioned into some form of remote work. Companies have had to adapt their processes to support this transition, and with ClearCompany’s remote work surveys, you can accurately track employee sentiment. Leaders can quickly survey their staff to determine whether employees feel supported while working remotely or whether your team feels comfortable returning to the office. In addition, you can easily measure your employee’s perception of the new safety and cleanliness protocols you’ve implemented.

Employee Engagement

Our partnership with KeenAlignment allows us to provide our clients with survey templates that are easy to use and insightful. ClearCompany’s employee engagement surveys enable leaders to measure the satisfaction of their workforce. Managers can gather data on their employees’ engagement and happiness and can easily identify what components need improvement. These surveys assist with the performance review process and help to reduce turnover in your departments.

@ClearCompany says employee #sentiment is important to measure. Using their employee #engagement surveys, you can accurately measure the satisfaction and wellbeing of your employees.

Onboarding/New Hire

The candidate experience doesn’t end once an applicant has been hired — it continues throughout the entire onboarding process. Measure your new hire’s satisfaction with your company’s onboarding process, and see whether they feel prepared and welcomed into your organization with our onboarding experience surveys. Using these results, hiring managers can identify what parts of the candidate experience need improvement.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace have a significant influence on employee satisfaction in the workplace. Many organizations feel their current efforts are adequate but do your employees agree? With ClearCompany’s diversity, equity, and inclusion surveys, your leaders can see how employees feel about your commitment to DE&I and identify trends.

Exit Interview

As employees leave your company, ClearCompany’s exit interview surveys can provide insights into their work experience. Hiring managers can assess why someone left their current position and can gather feedback on their time at the company. Using these results, leaders can better measure the culture of their workplace and determine what aspects of the employee experience needs to be improved. The exit interview surveys allow both the employee and the manager to part ways with mutual understanding and respect.

Employee Wellbeing

The emotional wellbeing and mental health of your employees is critical to the success of your organization. With ClearCompany’s employee well-being surveys, companies can provide employees with a safe and anonymous way to share their mental and emotional health concerns. Our templates offer insight into employee stress levels, the potential for anxiety and depression in your employees, and the overall perception of your company’s work/life balance. By implementing these surveys, leaders can demonstrate their compassion and can quickly identify problem areas that need to be addressed.


Need something more specific to your company? ClearCompany has you covered! Using our custom surveys, employers can create their own survey that is relevant to the questions they have. These surveys are fully customizable, leading to highly specific and actionable data.

ClearCompany’s new Employee Engagement Suite equips leaders with the tools they need to accurately and efficiently survey employee satisfaction. By integrating our survey tools with our full Performance Management Suite, HR leaders can track the performance, engagement levels, and goal progress of employees. To learn more about how our Employee Engagement Suite can transform the productivity of your organization, schedule a demo today or reach out to one of our experts.

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