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Talent Management Goal Planning & Alignment

From Conversation to Conversion: Alignment in Action

June 17, 2014
4 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


From the moment we have an idea about change, it takes a while for the actual change to occur. We say it out loud, have a conversation, map out a plan and it’s still going to be a long time before change is felt. So when companies choose to become more transparent in order to implement total talent alignment, it’s a process, not a 24-hour overhaul. With any organizational change, commitment and communication have to be fostered throughout the implementation process.

What will the steps look like in the meanwhile?

We tend to focus on big picture goals in business, which is great, but the day-to-day of achieving those goals is just as important. We can all be working toward common goals, but if we’re taking different paths with different perspectives to get there, goals can become more distanced or misaligned.

Each step of creating transparency and how it relates to short and long-term goals needs to be communicated. When a worker takes part in a change or initiative, they want to either see results, or know that they are coming. So in the beginning, it is important to continually relay the “why” behind each change. Businesses can usually expect the process of any major performance change or tweak to take about 4-6 weeks to effectively take hold.

Choose a tool that puts transparency into the process

The daily tracking and reporting of objectives as they align with big picture goals isn’t really something you’ll want to do on your own for an entire organization. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t, it’s too large of a task. Your organization needs a tool that automates these processes. The right talent alignment platform will do the following:

-   Combine talent management with company strategy.
-   Allow leaders to align, monitor and allocate talent in real-time.
-   Sync goals with talent needs.
-   Give leaders the ability to watch goals progress as it’s happening.
-   Offer daily tracking and goal reinforcement to employees.

Pamela Babcock summarizes what several experts came to a consensus on at a 2013 NY SHRM conference:

“Talent management strategy needs to be customized and aligned with an organization’s business challenges and unique operating environment to ensure its positive impact on the bottom line.”

Have consistency in correction and leadership

Change can be tough, and not everyone will be onboard. Positively reinforce good change, even if it’s more work. There are going to be slip-ups or some employees might even neglect to take part. Ensure that the individual makes their own corrections, rather than doing it for them.

Kelly Azevedo, founder of She’s Got Systems, and Forbes contributor wrote:

“Establishing business processes to address employee correction will make such conversations easier and limit future mistakes. These systems will allow your team to continue supporting the business without your constant oversight.”

Again, change takes time. There are a lot of differing opinions out there on how long it takes before something becomes habit. To be honest, it really just depends on the habit, the environment, the attitudes involved and the support system put in place. In other words, the successful habit formation of being a part of a transparent company is completely dependent on leadership and the tools they choose to use.

Implementing transparent talent alignment doesn’t need to feel like an, “Are we there yet?” venture. We can help get your organization there, and fast. We can also help leadership learn how to seamlessly make this transformation with their workforce. Contact us today to get started, or if you’re not sure yet, please take a demo and let us know what you think.

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