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45+ Elements of Company Culture to Include in Your Strategy

September 22, 2017
4 min read
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Company culture is essential to the identity of your business and defines the environment in which employees work. It incorporates a variety of elements including work environment, values, company mission, ethics, expectations and goals.

Having a great company culture is no longer just an option. Today’s workers consider it to be just as important as salary and benefits. It isn’t easy building a strong company culture with purpose, so we have made a list of ways to build your ideal company culture from our blog and other influencers.

twitter-logo.pngDiscover these 45+ company culture hacks to implement today

16 Ideas for Creating a Stronger Team and Better Culture

By Inc. @Inc

A great company culture comes down to one thing: people. You define your values and mission, but ultimately, it's up to your team to live by them. We thought idea number 4, a monthly lunch lotto, was a great way to engage workers.

3 Steps to Build Purpose into Your Work Culture

By ClearCompany @ClearCompany  @SylvieWoolf

Apart from sending out your mission statement in a memo, work culture is a great way to communicate purpose to employees. Part of knowing your purpose at work is knowing what your company stands for. This article discusses the importance of meaningful connections. Encouraging connections at work increases employee retention. How do we do it? Fancy Fridays (we dress up), fun team volunteer opportunities and a mentorship program are all ways to build those connections at work! (We’ve even had our CEO lead us in hot yoga!)

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The 8 Essential Steps to Building A Winning Company Culture

By Entrepreneur (Monica Zent) @Entrepreneur @MonicaZent

Culture can make or break a company. Culture sets the tone for everything from how the team interacts with the kinds of hires made to how customers are treated. The first step in this article might be the most important. Learning from past mistakes can end up being the most valuable lesson for the future. It starts with leadership! If you cannot own up to your mistakes, your employees will struggle through it as well.

The Best Way to Build Company Culture

By Fortune (Jonathan Becker) @FortuneMagazine

When it comes to company culture, executives either resist it or embrace it. Did you know companies with great company culture experience as much as 65% lower turnover rate than their competition? Our favorite company culture strategy is to make your company culture personal. The more personal it is, the harder you will fight to maintain and improve it. What do your employees love? What can they not stand? Do you know what their hobbies are? Start investing in company culture and pay dividends.

5 Step Guide to Acquiring Employee Buy-in for Better Company Culture

 By ClearCompany @ClearCompany

If you’re looking for a guide to explain your company's purpose and involve employees in the process of building your company culture, this whitepaper is a great start. We’ve included 5 simple steps you can take to create a culture that employees want to be a part of. We’ve even included a way to get them to help you!

11 Ways to Involve Employees in Creating Company Culture

By Huffington Post @HuffPost

There are many ways to create company culture. One of them is getting employees involved in the process. This builds buy-ins and improves engagement. We really liked step 2 in this article, having your employees plan a fun activity will help directly integrate them into the culture.

20 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Moral

By Inc. (Sujan Patel) @Inc @SujanPatel

Boosting morale at work is a great way to start promoting company culture. Tackling low morale head-on and embracing positive changes will benefit your company. Number 4 on this list is often overlooked, asking for feedback from your employees is critical to the success of your company culture.


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