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Earn a Strike With Better Workplace Alignment

June 3, 2014
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


We’re all about getting everyone on the same page. When a workforce is disjointed, it shows. There are several methods and tools that leaders can implement to help get their workforce not only working together, but also working toward a common goal.

Implement an internal communication platform

Tools like Yammer, Chatter or Hall are impressive, free or low priced options available to get your workplace connected online in a safe and private way. They each have a Facebook-like feel and look. You can join groups, share private messages, post on the company wall, create polls or events, and send recognition badges. These tools also come with mobile apps and alerts. 

These apps produce conversation and connect workers that might never interact. The profile pictures also help your workforce recognize and engage with one another. 

Demand an agenda for every in-person meeting

Atlassian compiled an infographic of the top time wasters at work. I’m sure it comes to no one’s surprise that meetings were the #2 culprit. It is estimated that 50% of time spent in meeting is a waste.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone: all in-person meetings require a written agenda that should be shared before the meeting. Meetings that no one is prepared for aren’t as effective because nothing has been communicated. They are a waste of company resources and do little to get anything aligned.

Select a central hub that everyone has access to for project management

While the aforementioned internal communication platforms are great for connecting, sharing and getting social, you will need an actual project management tool to see the complete start to finish with total transparency and real-time tracking.

Each organization is going to have different needs where project management is concerned, but a standout system that we can recommend is called Basecamp.

Individual and team projects, project templates, shared notes and schedules are all in one spot. The entire team can see who is doing what and at what stage. Think of this app as a bird’s eye view, tracking all moving parts of projects.

Proactively identify blind spots

There are some great employee feedback tools out there that will dole out short, weekly, gamified surveys that give leadership a real-time look at the organization’s successes and failures. Employee engagement experts, Herd Wisdom, offer organizations an automated feedback system complete with infographic delivery of gathered information, automatic alerts about workplace performance and employee recognition rewards. Don’t want to get that fancy? Get a suggestion box!

Working on blind spots has to be a discussion among the executive team, along with leaders at different levels. What one person might consider an issue that requires immediate attention, might not take precedence with the entire team. Work together to identify blind spots, discuss their level of importance and the plan of action. We recommend focusing efforts on getting one issue solved per month.

At the end of the day, the most effective tool that leadership has in creating alignment within their workforce is encouraging transparency on a daily basis. Through practice, leaders can start to make a change in their organizations; all the tools in the world won’t make effective talent alignment happen without the support of leadership.

Want to find out how to get your company leaders onboard? Take a demo today and contact us.

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