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5 Components for a Remarkable End-to-End Candidate Experience

August 31, 2018
3 min read
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Every interaction with an individual contributes to their opinion of your company. This includes the social media posts they read, the promotional emails they receive and the conversations with past and present employees they have. With each interaction having so much power behind it, the way your company and your employees portray themselves really matters - especially to your candidates.

During the candidate experience, your applicants hope to validate their perceptions of your company. They view their experience during the recruiting process as a glimpse into the day to day life they may soon see themselves in. A sizable 78% of candidates even note that their candidate experience demonstrates how much a company values their employees. With that in mind, answer these questions before creating or adjusting your modern end-to-end candidate experience.

Are Your Job Descriptions Accurate?

Potential candidates peruse open job positions on your website to see where they could fit in. But do your candidates see a generic listing that any person on the street could fill, or do they see position specific requirements, set goals pertaining to this job and accurately represented responsibilities they will be expected to fulfill? 36% of candidates take notice that the job descriptions provided are clear. With your job description being one of your first impressions for a new candidate, you’ll want to make sure these are truly portraying the open position. Go above and beyond by including information candidates are curious about, such as mission, culture and benefits.

Will you be joining the 70% of employers who are revamping their #candidate experience? @ClearCompany has 5 important questions to consider before you start:

Does Your Candidate Experience Fit Your Company Culture?

A large part of any company is their culture. Give your candidates a taste of what they could experience throughout your hiring process by highlighting the unique aspects of your company. Does your company value personal growth? Ask your candidate where they’d like to see themselves within your company in 5 years. Tell them about your career development plans and encourage them to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement benefit. Is your company collaborative? Use a tag-team interview process to mention that all employees are expected to be team players and participate in weekly brainstorming meetings.

Is Your Recruiting Process Mobile Friendly?

It’s no secret that everyone is on their phones, so why isn’t your recruiting process? With 43% of traffic coming to career pages from mobile devices, it is important to have a mobile friendly website. Start your candidate experience off with convenience.

Do You Follow Up with Your Candidates?

Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news. But, you owe it to your candidates, and your company’s reputation, to properly inform them of their status with your company. If you have promising candidates who will not be receiving a job offer for the position, assure them that their position within your company will come. Encourage all candidates to keep watching your careers webpage. Inform your denied candidates why they will not be receiving this position, and tell them what they could do to better prepare for the next open position. By doing this, you’ll increase your chances of seeing this candidate re-apply by 4 times.

Companies who hire top talent know first impressions matter. Make a great impression on your candidates when you use @ClearCompany’s questions:

Have You Asked for Feedback?

One of your best assets to improve your candidate experience is your employees. Ask new hires questions like “now that you have been here for a month, do you feel that the job description accurately represented the position you are now in?” and “was there a part of your candidate experience that you wish was more clear?”

If you’re looking to join the 70% of employers who plan to invest in revamping their candidate experience within the next year, but aren’t sure where to start, look no further! Evaluate your current recruiting process with these five questions. It may seem redundant to note, but be sure to look at it from a candidate’s perspective. What works best for the company, may not be the best for the candidate.

ClearCompany can help you create a candidate experience that is sure to make a lasting impression. View a demo of our Applicant Tracking System today.

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