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4 Facts about ClearCompany’s Improved Employee Onboarding System

May 15, 2018
5 min read
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A smooth and positive onboarding experience builds new hire trust and enthusiasm. In today’s strong job market, the quality of a company’s onboarding program matters more than ever. According to Bersin by Deloitte, 4% of new employees leave a job after a disastrous first day and 22% of staff turnovers occur in the first 45 days of employment. Conversely, when a new hire’s onboarding process is smooth and positive, it sets the stage for new hire engagement, retention and productivity.

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ClearCompany’s Onboarding System has always offered new hires a smooth and paperless onboarding process and automated onboarding tasks and compliance to save HR time. Now, we’ve reimagined our Onboarding System to ensure our onboarding experience does more to generate new hire enthusiasm for your company and his/her new job. Our new and improved Onboarding solution greatly enhances our user interface and mobile capabilities and adds smart new features to make a new hire feel valued and like part of your team before they start. Read on for an overview of the enhancements to our Onboarding software that are sure to make a great impression on your new hires.

1. New Mobile-Optimized Capabilities

Fact: Mobile-friendly technology is in high demand.

75% of U.S. adults use a smartphone and global mobile phone usage is expected to surpass 5 billion people by 2019. Employers are now texting to recruit — managing their own mobile apps and even conducting business solely from mobile platforms. Why shouldn’t mobile technology be leveraged to improve new hire onboarding, too?

At ClearCompany, we wanted to simplify onboarding for new hires and that meant enabling them to easily complete their onboarding tasks where they live and work – on their phones. Mobile makes life easier for a new hire and it can help your company impress them before they start. Deloitte observed that over 50% of HR professionals have not yet made their onboarding and HRM processes mobile friendly. ClearCompany’s new mobile-optimized onboarding capabilities are attractive and easy to use. Our mobile onboarding experience lets new hires view, complete and submit every onboarding task conveniently from their mobile device.

2. New "Meet Your Team, Manager and HR" Functionality

ClearCompany’s new “Meet Your Team” and “Meet Your Manager” functionality within its onboarding suite helps introduce your new hires to the people they'll be working with before they start, making them feel welcomed and at home. The software now integrates photos and fun facts about teammates to show the social and friendly side of your company.

O.C. Tanner found that 75% of employees who have a best friend at work say they feel they're able to take anything on, compared to 58% of those who don't have a best friend at work. Further, 72% of employees who have a best friend at work are satisfied with their jobs, compared to 54% of those who don't have a best friend at work. It’s safe to say that HR, management and executives have a serious incentive to ensure their teams know one another and get along. So, we built it right into the onboarding module!

This new functionality also introduces the new hire to their dedicated Onboarding Coordinator to ensure your new hire has a primary point of contact for any questions and concerns. Providing new hires with a personal onboarding contact from HR and familiarizing them with coworkers before they start helps them get up to speed, cuts the costs of onboarding, and helps you integrate them into your workforce faster. It’s a win-win for everybody.

3. A Better Onboarding User Interface Throughout

Every page of our new hire onboarding packet had been designed to reinforce your company culture and employer brand and create a smooth and user-friendly experience. The platform borrows a page from social media and easily accommodates photos and video to bring your company’s mission, values and team members to life. Our new onboarding dashboard shows new hires what essential paperwork has been submitted and identifies what still needs completion. Built in GPS navigation helps your new hires get to work on their first day, and our new hires goals page lets new employees see what will be expected of them in their first 90 days. The attractive and intuitive end-to-end design will surely create a positive and memorable onboarding experience for your newest employees.

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4. Improved Ease of Use for Administrators

At least 25% of the workforce annually goes through the onboarding process, which means HR teams have a lot of work to do. We kept this statistic in mind when we reimagined our onboarding module. ClearCompany’s Onboarding also streamlines the onboarding process for administrators.

The information we capture during onboarding can be easily synchronized with your company’s HRIS and payroll systems. Our intelligent and compliant onboarding forms eliminate the need for duplicate data entry and reduces errors. Push notifications remind new hires and internal teams of onboarding tasks they still need to complete. Our robust reporting capabilities make it easy to manage compliance and sort new hire data by form, department or employee.

ClearCompany’s new Onboarding enhancements also work seamlessly with existing onboarding packet templates so adopting our Onboarding System is a cinch for HR teams. The new system also consolidates all new hire activities into one, all-inclusive menu and all tasks into one consolidated “Submit Document” menu item so they are easy for new hires to see and complete. These product improvements help HR teams get onboarding packets completed quickly and accurately.

We hope you’ll agree that ClearCompany has truly taken onboarding software to the next level with our recent enhancements. Give your new hires the amazing onboarding experience they deserve. Adopt ClearCompany Onboarding today.


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