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October 20, 2020
4 min read
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How to Recruit High-Performing, More Diverse Teams

This guide will show you how diversity impacts more than just company culture. It meets business objectives better, increases profitability, and attracts more A Players. Is diversity of thought the key strategy your business is missing? ClearCompany can help with that.

Diverse Teams are Better for Business

Diversity is well known to drive engagement and increase innovation, but it goes deeper than that. It actually improves your bottom line and directly contributes to higher profitability.

    • 36%— Increased likelihood of higher profitability when leadership teams are ethnically diverse
    • 28% — Increased likelihood that a business will outperform their competitors when they are in the top quartile of gender diversity
    • 43% — Increased likelihood of increased profits with cultural and ethnic diversity
#DYK that 70% of job seekers want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to #diversity and #inclusion? @ClearCompany helps demonstrate how DE+I can affect your organization:

Lack of Diversity May be Costing You Top Talent

Employees want to work in diverse environments and believe that inclusion programs make a difference. Want to attract top talent? They’re looking for companies with diverse workplaces. And they want employers to take diversity seriously, not just talk about it. They have to walk the walk, too.

  • 70%Job seekers want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • 74%Millennials believe their workplaces will have greater innovation if diversity and inclusion are key components of organizational culture
  • 83%Millennials who would be more likely to be engaged at work if they believe their company stimulates a diverse and inclusive culture
  • 67%Job seekers say Diversity and Inclusion is an important factor when considering companies and job offers

How Do You Demonstrate a Commitment to Diversity?

  • 39% of employees say diversity in executive leadership positions shows a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.
  • 49% of employees say diversity in management roles shows a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.
  • 31% of employees say partnerships with national diversity organizations or attendance at diversity conferences shows a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

What Does a Diverse Team Look Like?

Diversity of thought can be achieved through a number of differing viewpoints, experiences, and lifestyles. Here are 8 key areas to look for diverse team members throughout your hiring process:

    • Race and Ethnicity
    • Gender Identity
    • Age
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Education
    • Life Experiences
    • Ability
    • Location
@ClearCompany knows that #diversity, #equity, and #inclusion affects more than just company culture. Check out this infographic to see how important DE+I is to all aspects of your organization:

How ClearCompany Elevates Diverse Talent

Finding diverse talent in a wide pool of candidates requires a flashlight that can illuminate underutilized and overlooked talent. This light can also show where gaps exist in the workforce, and make the process more transparent for everyone. ClearCompany helps shine the light by making the recruiting and hiring process more objective, less biased, and makes reaching a wider talent pool easier, faster, and more targeted with these tools:

  • Candidate Scorecards: Objectively compare how candidate skills and potential rank against one another during the interview process
  • Competencies and Roles: Leverage cutting-edge AI to match the best candidate to the job by comparing the necessary skills and competencies on a per-job basis
  • Robust Reporting: Target better recruiting sources that produce more diverse candidates, and monitor key company diversity metrics and statistics
  • Job Board Management: Automate, manage, and report on the best job boards for reaching more of the candidates you want
  • Text-to-Apply: Make the application process simpler for candidates in various lifestyles and lose less top talent at the top of the funnel
  • Multilingual Applications: Don’t lose top talent to a language barrier
  • Reduced-Bias Screening: Automatically send top talent through to the next round based on a role’s specific needs, not first impressions
  • Strategic Interview Guides and Feedback: Hold equitable interviews and learn from candidate experience to break through unconscious bias barriers



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ClearCompany helps organizations redefine the future of work to be more inclusive, more effective, and better for everyone. Our commitment to innovation means that we’re helping companies keep pace with the rapidly changing expectations of the workforce, and we’re dedicated to bringing you the best possible talent to build your most high-performing teams. ClearCompany is more than just hiring. Find out how our full-suite Talent Management platform can help make your diversity initiatives happen across the entire employee lifecycle and within every level of your organization.

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