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You Can’t Afford to Ignore Mobile Recruitment Anymore

April 27, 2015
5 min read
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You’ve begun the venture into the mobile corporate world. Already, the organization’s website and career page are mobile-enabled, but the question is whether or not you’re ready to embark on a mobile recruitment strategy. The truth is, you’re unlikely to find any good reason not to establish a mobile strategy for your recruitment efforts.

Considering mobile internet usage is expected to surpass those logging on through a desktop computer this year and 9-in-10 job seekers are likely to use their mobile device to find a new role, you can’t afford not to.

The Mobile Recruiting Effect

The mobile recruiting effect includes almost everything that isn’t direct human contact. Mobile recruitment is comprised of a primary set of 3 tiers. Candidates must be able to access the company website, career page and apply via their mobile devices; otherwise not only is your mobile recruitment strategy not complete, you’re likely to lose 20% of the talent pool before they even apply.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01 You're likely to lose 20% of potential applicants if you neglect mobile recruitment.


These 3 pillars encompass the basic necessities of a well-rounded and highly capable mobile recruitment strategy:

Learn - Emerging workers or seasoned professionals looking for new opportunities are more likely to research your organization via their mobile device. At this stage of talent acquisition, they are learning about the organization. Understand, they are not yet candidates, but they could be. In order for a candidate to find you via mobile, you have to be visible via mobile. Whether you choose SEO in your job listing, multiple job boards or recruitment marketing via advertising on mobile sites, you should start exploring mobile search best practices.   
Apply - Once they have found that perfect job, a candidate should be able to apply from their mobile device. The smooth transition from educating themselves about the company to applying for a position relies on mobile application capabilities. Let candidates know along their career site journey they can apply via mobile device and encourage them to carry an updated resume in the “cloud” (using service like Dropbox and Evernote).
Engage - Where your candidate experience and employer brand truly shine. Those in the talent pool not only want but expect contact from you regarding the progress of their application. Whether it’s a phone call, mobile-friendly and personalized email, or even a text message, you can reach out to candidates through their mobile device. Many systems are capable of giving you specific data on how candidates apply, customize your autoresponders (yes you need those!) to show them you noticed!

Stop Hemorrhaging Cash

One-in-10 companies say their mobile recruitment accounts for half (or more) of their applications. A further 23% of companies have lost revenue as a direct result of not filling open positions quickly enough. So the real question is, why haven’t you implemented a mobile recruitment strategy? Mary Lorenz (@cb_mlorenz) of CareerBuilder, said:

“Making it easier for candidates to apply via their mobile devices could be key in preventing applicant drop-off and bringing in more of the qualified candidates who are using mobile job search tactics - at an exponentially higher rate.”

When it comes to mobile technology integration in your recruitment strategy, there are important things to understand and the differences between them. With that said, it should be all or nothing. If a candidate gets to the application stage or recruiters fail to acknowledge candidates in the process already, the mobile recruitment strategy won’t succeed.

Google is Behind this...

Mobile recruitment isn’t going anywhere. In order to stay competitive with corporate talent rivals, you need to step up your talent acquisition game. With that comes the need for innovation, and a simple key marker for job seekers is a mobile-enabled recruitment platform. Neil Griffiths, Global Practice Leader of Talent Communications and Employer Brand at Futurestep, said:

“Being on top of the mobile trend shows that recruiters are at the forefront of a modern recruitment strategy that puts the candidate’s needs first. In order to attract and retain the best candidates recruiters need to make sure they are exploring the latest ways of communicating with job candidates and not rely on the same old tried-and-tested methods.”

Mobile recruitment is one of the latest ways to communicate with your talent pool. Unfortunately, 33% of HR professionals have seen a larger application dropout rate due to a mobile incompatible ATS. Mobile proves to be a necessity now more than ever because 65% of job seekers won’t return to the application on their desktop if they can’t finish it on their mobile device. And now, Google penalizes sites that are not responsive by moving them down in search results. Yes, even on a desktop.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01 33% of HR pros have seen a larger application dropout rate due to a mobile incompatible ATS.

With job seekers continually using their mobile devices more to continue on their hunt for a better role, you can’t afford not to implement a mobile recruitment strategy. However, you have to find the system that works best for your organization and includes the 3 major pillars of mobile recruitment. Aside from the fact that job seekers predominantly use their mobile devices to find new jobs, your organization will find most candidates come from mobile sites. Don’t give job seekers the opportunity to abandon the application process; implement a complete mobile recruitment strategy to not only enhance the recruitment impact, but source better and more highly qualified candidates.

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