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Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Recruitment Blog Right Now

April 20, 2015
4 min read
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Whether it’s through social media, regular internet routines or mobile usage, we are constantly barraged with an overabundance of information. That means, the easier it is to digest this information, the more likely we are to absorb it. It is no longer delusions of grandeur for organizations to want their websites to be mobile-friendly, it is a requirement to maintain candidate attraction and potentially increase their current employees’ engagement. Last year, mobile usage increased 23%... if that’s not evidence you need a mobile recruitment blog, then what is?

What’s New with Your Organization?

Simply stated, candidates are attracted to innovation. Not quite as simply stated, Google recently changed their algorithm (again). Now, if your site is not mobile-friendly, it will negatively affect your search rankings on Google. It not only behooves your recruitment strategy to make your site mobile-enabled, it’s beneficial for your internet visibility as well.

Posting to the mobile-friendly blog about what new strides the company has made in their industry proves just that from a first person perspective. While social recruitment does include social media interaction through platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, it also involves blog participation. In fact, 7% of recruiters say that new hires attracted through social media come through the organization’s candidate blog. That may not compare to the 79% through LinkedIn, but it’s still a crucial avenue to tend to for maintaining recruitment vitality.

You’re a busy professional. It is understandable that you may not always be able to create fresh content for a blog. However, you can develop a curated stream of content that is a great step alongside job posts.

Who are Your Thought Leaders?

Organizational leadership needs to have a presence in the recruitment process, even if it is something as elementary as regular posts to the recruitment blog. Although it doesn’t make sense for the CEO of a large company to personally interview each candidate as they walk in the door, the involvement of organizational leadership does need to permeate through to recruitment. Trust in leadership is a key driver of engagement and an indicator of retention. When candidates (and employees) have confidence in their leadership, they are more likely to stay with an organization longer. For a company specializing in new technologies, 74% say that trust in organizational leadership is a necessity and a key driver.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01 Leadership can show their presence in the recruitment process by regularly posting to the company blog.

Put the CEO, CFO, or other primary director in front of the talent pool with regular statements and personal anecdotes on the mobile blog. Because the population spends so much time on their mobile devices on the commute to work, on their lunch hour, at home before they go to bed, etc., as a company, you have to make an impression wherever and whenever possible. With the convenience of a mobile blog, you can put leadership in front of candidates easily.

What’s Your Brand?

A recruitment blog is a great way to get your candidates more familiar with the employer brand and immersed in the company culture - or as immersed as they can be. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook shed light into bits of the employer brand, but they do not have the capability to show full illustrations of who the employer is (like a blog can). A mobile enabled blog only increases the readership as candidates are 65% more likely to leave a site if they can’t read it from their phone. Give candidates an opportunity to be a part of the community you’ve built. A recruitment strategy should include a tactical blogging effort so the talent pool can experience the organization and engage with employees even before the interview.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01 Candidates are 65% more likely to leave a site if they can't read it from mobile.


This provides a window into the company culture so candidates can assess if they fit into organizational values. Currently, only 22% of employers include posting regularly to their blog to their recruitment plan. Using stories, examples of thought leadership, images from company events, major projects, etc., show candidates what it’s like to work at the company.

Daily mobile routines mandate a necessity for organizations to not only have a mobile recruitment strategy, but to also include a systematic blog practice as well. That blog enables a greater interaction between organizational leadership and the talent pool, which is essential to candidate attraction and retention. Candidates want to see the thought leadership behind the innovation that happens at organizations, and there’s no better way to do that than sharing the news and company stories through a mobile blog. While social media platforms do give some insight into company culture, none of them do it quite as completely as a well-managed mobile blog.

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