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November 21, 2018
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Performance Management, Supercharged


The war for talent is an increasing concern for CEOs and HR departments everywhere. CEOs and HR departments recognize the need to attract and retain top performers in today’s candidate-driven market. But what are these talented folks looking for? How can you win over top talent during the hiring process and how can you keep your top performers from looking for different opportunities? We’ve evaluated the market and gathered top trends to help your company defeat the competition in the war for talent.

What’s stopping your company from winning the #WarForTalent? Check out these tips from @ClearCompany to win over top performers.

Empower Your Employees

An empowered employee feels more loyal to the business, connected to the brand and engaged. Best yet, companies that empower their employees will experience higher employee engagement and higher retention rates than those that limit power to the higher-ups.

Empower your employees by giving them meaningful tasks and decision-making power. This power will give them a reason to stay loyal and engaged at work.

Correct Communication is Key

You’ve heard the cliche that communication is key. But would you believe us if we said that constant communication is hindering your efficiency? In fact, the more information a person shares, the less engaged they are. When an employee is interrupted with communications throughout the day, they feel that it is their responsibility to help their coworkers right away. This often times puts their own work on the back burner, causing more stress to build.

Create a stress-free communication policy for your company. If possible, consider asynchronous communication. Encourage your employees to communicate and collaborate, but without the expectation of immediate results. If immediacy is crucial in your business, try scheduling time to work without the distraction of instant messages, emails or questions among coworkers.

Recognition is Important

Appreciation is huge in this candidate-driven market. Employees want to know that their work is recognized and meaningful. An astonishing 79% of employees that left a job say that a lack of appreciation was a key reason for their departure. Furthermore, employees state that recognition from management inspires them to produce great work - more than pay, promotions or training.

Worried about the war on talent? @ClearCompany gathered the trends that you need to know in this #candidate driven market.

Be sure to show your employees that you recognize and appreciate the work that they do. Take the time to make this personal to the employee. Will your employees view more responsibility as a burden or will they feel rewarded with the trust of higher level tasks? Do your employees see a public shout-out at your weekly meeting as embarrassing or will they feel honored to be recognized in front of their coworkers?

Employees Crave Growth

Growth, both personal and professional, is at the top of the mind for today’s workforce. 67% of millennials note that they would leave a job if they felt that they have exhausted their advancement or development opportunities. It’s more than apparent that employees want a clear career path and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to advance on that path.

Place a heavy emphasis on growth in your company to retain your A Players. Discuss with your employees what skills they would like to learn, what positions they would like to grow into and the timeframes for these goals. By continually having this conversation, you’ll show them that you are investing in their professional advancement and that they have advancement opportunities within the company.

Winning over top performing talent has taken precedence in our highly candidate-driven market. The top talent you bring into and retain for your company can make all the difference in performance. Are you ready to start winning the war for talent? Demo ClearCompany’s full-service talent management platform to take your recruiting, onboarding and performance management processes to the next level.

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