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Top-Level Customer Service: The ClearCompany Way

November 30, 2018
5 min read
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Great customer service is crucial for your company to retain customers, build your reputation, and continue to grow. The service experience begins at the initial purchase but offers opportunities for engagement and growth throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Customer service is more than just providing answers to customers’ issues or questions, it’s an important part of the commitment you make to each of your customers. Superior service gives your customers the smooth and enjoyable experience they deserve.

Every client is a premier client. Read more to see how @ClearCompany’s #CustomerSupport can match your vision.

Beat Your Competition

The key to standing apart from your competitors is the level of customer service you provide. A great customer support system is the driving factor to a successful customer experience. Customers aren’t just choosing companies based on price or product anymore. Instead, they’re opting for the company that provides the best overall customer experience. And companies know it - 89% of companies expect to compete mainly on the basis of customer experience.

We were named Best in Customer Service by G2Crowd for a reason and Senior Recruiter, Michael Sullivan, can attest to it:

“The best thing about ClearCompany, though, is their excellent customer service. When I need help, I can call and get real help from someone who actually works there, usually my account manager, not someone in a call center somewhere reading from a script. They are always very quick to address whatever concern I have.”

Our customer success and support teams retain the deep knowledge of our customers’ goals, business processes, and team, which enables us to provide targeted, actionable guidance and talent management software support. Our difference is clear, and every client at ClearCompany is treated as a premier client.

Every customer we have at ClearCompany is provided with a dedicated team of professionals to create a great experience from day one. From the start of implementation to going live to ongoing support, our customers are guaranteed first-class service. Every client, no matter what size, receives a dedicated personal account manager, unmatched and unlimited support with no fees - ever, tailored and guided implementation, business, and best-practice consulting, and ongoing success management via email, chat, and phone.

Retain Customers

It is essential to maintain a very high level of customer service in order to retain the customers you currently have. It takes just one negative experience with a company for 65% of consumers to stop purchasing your product or service. Bad customer service is the key driver for churn which makes a big impact on your bottom line. Making customer service a major priority of your company will help you retain your loyal customers and decrease your chances of having to find new customers.

Finding a new customer can cost your company than you would think - typically 6-7 times more than retaining one you currently have. Retaining loyal customers can also open doors to additional sales. Building a trusted partnership through great customer service means that your customers will be more likely to turn to you as their needs expand in the future. Not only are repeat customers easier to sell to, but they are likely to spend more. 67% more money to be exact.

@ClearCompany has earned a reputation for being the best support customers have ever received. See why #CustomerService is crucial for your company to be successful.

With 99% customer retention at ClearCompany, our clients will tell you there is no better choice when it comes to a total talent management team.

The Importance of a Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager plays an essential role in helping a company build and maintain solid relationships with its customers. The CSM must have a strong grasp of a customer’s business and understand the Key Performance Indicators that determine success or failure.

Our Customer Success Managers at ClearCompany become your main point of contact from the day you’re ready to go live. They get to know your needs inside and out, providing a consultative approach to resolving issues and crafting a plan for future success. Well-versed in the A Method for hiring, your CSM is a strategic partner in achieving your talent goals.

See what one ClearCompany client has to say about their experience with their Customer Success Manager:

“Our interaction with our Customer Success Manager has been fabulous! From a service standpoint, we’ve had no issues whatsoever. I think our Customer Success Manager has been very responsive to the needs that we’ve had, been able to offer up suggestions in a way that’s been really comfortable. Because initially, I was just looking to do the recruiting platform, there wasn’t any kind of pressure to move on to some of the other platforms that were available in the tool itself. It was really looking at what our needs were, and making sure those needs were met.”

- Stacy Boase

Talent Acquisition Manager, Wowza Media Systems

Customer service is a key competitive differentiator, and a focus on top-tier customer service for every customer is what makes ClearCompany stand apart from other companies in HR software. ClearCompany has earned the reputation for providing the best support in the industry. With over a decade of growth, we have become experts at implementing our best-in-breed talent management tools across a wide variety of workplaces and business settings. The success of the companies we work with means a lot to us and we let that show through the many ways in which we help them get the most out of their talent.

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