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Talent Management Case Study

The PCA Group Achieves Total Talent Success™ with ClearCompany

December 8, 2022
4 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


At ClearCompany, our mission is to help thousands of clients achieve their own missions by hiring, engaging, and retaining more A-players. The ClearCompany Talent Management Platform has helped revolutionize recruiting, onboarding, performance, and engagment for organizations in every industry. Our experts have a passion for improving and supporting all types of workforces by way of our full-platform talent management solution and with best-practice knowledge.

Frequently, ClearCompany clients sit down with us to share what drove the need for a software solution at their company and their experience using our award-winning software. From fragrance distributors to quick-service restaurants, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ growth and success through the employees who make it happen every day.

To view all our case studies of real clients and their success using ClearCompany, please visit our Case Study library.

See how The PCA Group uses @ClearCompany to manage #hiring, #onboarding, and #performance for over 1,000 employees — with an #HR team of 3:

Talent Success with a Team of 3

While ClearCompany is modular in nature and can be used by all different sizes of companies in countless industries, many of our clients derive the most benefit from using our full platform to hire and manage talent within their organization, including The PCA Group. This offers our award-winning full-featured platform, supported by ClearCompany’s collaborative and flexible approach to implementation, and backed by our highly rated customer service and retention scores.

At The PCA Group, an HR team of just three people uses ClearCompany’s Talent Management Platform to handle HR processes for over 1,000 employees.

A View Into The PCA Group

The PCA Group is a global distributor of beauty and wellness brands to 75 countries around the world. The PCA Group also manufactures and licenses some of its own fragrances and even offers digital marketing services. 

The PCA Group needed to hire top talent fast and develop leaders internally — and @ClearCompany’s Talent Management Platform was the solution.

The Problem: Talent Management with a Small Team

The PCA Group’s HR team was facing a familiar problem: they needed to consistently hire for entry-level positions and automate HR functions so their small team could handle other tasks. They also needed to develop their internal talent, which demanded a system for managing performance and engagement.

The PCA Group had two major pain points: First, they needed to manage the entire talent lifecycle for a variety of types of employees — with an HR team of three. Second, they needed to be able to quickly adjust to changes in their industry, as they’d experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

View Case Study: Learn how ClearCompany helped The PCA Group create “living journals” for each one of their 1,000+ employees.

The Solution: One Platform for Administration and Automation

The ClearCompany Talent Management Platform offered The PCA Group a single platform where their HR team could manage every part of the employee journey, from application and onboarding to performance reviews and surveys. ClearCompany’s automation tools made it easy for The PCA Group to:

  • Create a “living journal” for every employee, complete with candidate notes, employee goals and feedback, and performance reviews
  • Build templates for roles and candidate communications, including texts and emails
  • Put together onboarding packets for the various states in which the company hires
  • Launch standard and 360-degree performance review cycles

“ClearCompany gives me the ability to take these people who have been grown from within the organization and give them tools they’ve never had before. And it does it in a way where it is not overwhelming, steering them in the proper direction while theylearn. It’s just a wonderful tool.”

- Jim Collier, Vice President of Human Resources

The Results: Efficient Talent Management 

With ClearCompany as their full talent acquisition and management platform, The PCA Group can efficiently manage employees through every stage of the talent lifecycle. They can compete for top talent, develop future leaders, and keep track of every employee’s journey with ClearCompany. And they’re doing it all with one comprehensive software solution and the same HR team of three they started with. 

See how The PCA Group uses ClearCompany to speed up the hiring process and stay competitive. Read The PCA Group’s Success Story.

ClearCompany's Talent Management Solutions utilizes your company’s mission and vision to find, hire, and engage more top talent while also checking the list on every feature and administrative need. Our full platform moves beyond hiring and recruiting the right people for your business and helps you build a company on shared goals, competencies, and industry-leading talent management practices. 

With dozens of features to facilitate every aspect of your talent management processes, ClearCompany offers ease of use to companies across all industries. From a best-in-class applicant tracking and onboarding system to performance management and in-depth reporting, ClearCompany helps you recruit, hire, manage, and retain A-players every step of the way. 

For fast-growing global distributor The PCA Group, the benefits of a fully integrated platform quickly became clear. To learn more about The PCA Group’s success with ClearCompany, read the full case study below. For more information on how ClearCompany can automate HR processes and streamline talent management, reach out to our experts today to schedule a free demo.

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