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Performance Management Recruiting & Hiring Case Study

Renewed Energy: How ClearCompany Transformed Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries' Talent Pipeline

December 31, 2020
5 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Our mission is to help thousands of clients achieve their own missions by planning for, finding, and keeping more A Players. The ClearCompany Talent Management Platform has helped revolutionize hiring talent and managing employees for organizations in every industry. Our experts have a passion for improving and supporting all types of workforces.

See how @ClearCompany helped Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries to streamline their #hiring process and effectively track employee #performance:

Frequently, we select a success story to provide insight into real clients ClearCompany has helped. From construction companies to clients in the hospitality industry, we are dedicated to ensuring the growth and success of your business through the employees who make it happen every day. Today, we’ll be diving into how Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries revolutionized their talent management process with assistance from ClearCompany.

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Focus on the Recruiting, Onboarding, and Performance Modules

While ClearCompany is modular in nature and can be used by different-sized companies across countless industries, clients derive the most benefit from using our tightly-integrated platform to hire and manage talent within their organization.

The seamless integration of our award-winning Talent Acquisition tools and our leading-edge Performance module offers an end-to-end solution for hiring, engaging, and retaining new employees, as you’ll read in our featured case study.

A View Into Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries

As one of the world’s leading energy manufacturers, Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries offers clean energy solutions for a wide range of design, engineering, and business services. Founded over 50 years ago, they engineer cryogenic equipment for the clean energy and industrial gases industries, providing a necessary and critical link to power homes, organizations, and businesses.

The Problem: A Manual, Disconnected Talent Process

With steady growth and a large number of employees, Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries found that their current talent processes were not sustainable. Mountains of paperwork bogged down their hiring managers. Manual posting to industry job boards limited their ability to source high-quality candidates. A lengthy and inefficient hiring process led to a poor candidate experience. They knew they were missing out on A Players and that something needed to change.

“Everything was paper - our resume process, our background check process. We were an affirmative action company, and we needed to improve our applicant tracking process. I knew we had to find a way to automate our recruiting and our retention of candidate information.” -Jennifer Iles, Director of HR Global Operations, Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries

Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries also needed to modernize their processes and better track and analyze their data, to meet the compliance requirements that come with being a government contractor. Finding a way to increase efficiency, transparency, and consistency in their processes was crucial for continuing their growth.

Finally, Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries needed a modern, integrated Performance Management process to retain the top performers they bring in, and develop them into future managers and leaders.

Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries was able to stay on top of their #recruiting efforts with support from @ClearCompany. Find out how:

The Solution: An Integrated, Streamlined Platform

With the help of ClearCompany, Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries transitioned to an efficient, software-powered recruiting process, including tools to speed up job posting, interview scheduling, and collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers. ClearCompany’s Paperless Onboarding system was faster and provided a great experience for new hires. Equally important was the ability to track, store, and analyze data in one centralized location. ClearCompany’s integrated Performance tools enabled Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries to track the development of each of these hires through their careers. And ClearCompany’s implementation team made it all happen quickly, with a focus on long-term success.

“Implementation couldn't have been easier, and it couldn't have been more organized. Workflows and best practices are already embedded in your implementation process, and we built it out with our Implementation Manager. We haven't had to modify it at all since we went live a year and a half ago.”

In addition to the talent management platform, ClearCompany’s industry-leading bi-directional integration with ADP allowed Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries to create a fully customized Human Capital Management Solution, boosting efficiency across all HR functions.

“The ADP Connector is a game-changer. It's almost like ClearCompany and ADP are one. It's pretty fantastic. There are no discrepancies in the data. Everything is clean going into our system of record.”

The Results

Capitalizing on features such as automatic job postings has led to a faster time to hire and has improved the quantity and quality of candidates Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries recruits. ClearCompany’s onboarding module provided a comprehensive, easily accessible database for compliance reporting. And ClearCompany’s performance tools enable Nikkiso to easily track performance, facilitate employee development, and launch effective performance review cycles.

“We have more candidates now because we’re automatically posting to more places, and candidates can apply online. We have a database, a candidate pipeline, and helpful metrics. Now we’re quickly filling our positions.”

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ClearCompany powers Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries’ talent pipeline so that they could help power homes and businesses for years to come. Our award-winning software, service, partnerships, and innovative software solutions are based on years of experience.

To learn more about Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries and ClearCompany, read the full case study below. If you are interested in how ClearCompany’s Talent Acquisition and Performance tools can transform your hiring practices, schedule a demo today with one of our experts.

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