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Build an Airtight Remote Hiring Process with These Crucial Tips

May 10, 2018
3 min read
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Your business may already have experience managing remote employees, or this may be the first time your employees are working in a remote environment. Regardless, hiring and managing a team that spans beyond one office is a challenging feat, and this is a new dynamic that we’re all working through together. To help your business and your people catch their footing during this time, we’ve assembled a few simple tips that can help you manage your remote hiring process so that your business can continue forward, without missing a beat.

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Nail the Interview (On Both Sides of the Table)

It’s one thing to send your current employees to work from home for a while, but it’s an entirely different experience when you have to conduct your interview and hiring processes from home, too. While there’s a certain understanding that we’re all stuck at home, for now, that doesn’t mean organizations shouldn’t approach this process with the same seriousness and preparedness as it would normal hiring.

What’s more, it provides the organization an opportunity to demonstrate agility, innovation, and cutting-edge tactics. 98% of applicants say that virtual interviews make employers seem more innovative — which is bonus points for businesses right now. Job seekers want to find an employer they believe has the adaptability to carry their job security into the future.

Some tips for making remote hiring easier include:

  • Be careful, considerate, and deliberate with your job postings. The more specific and focused the listing, the higher quality candidates you’ll receive. Meaning you won’t have to hold a larger amount of virtual interviews to identify the best applicants.
  • Define your A Players. Make a list of your ideal skills, competencies, and traits you’re looking for, and single out candidates that match those needs.
  • Use the right tools. The worst possible outcome is that your audio doesn’t work or your video can’t finish buffering. Not only is that simply a frustrating experience for everyone involved, but it also signals that your business is not prepared to accommodate remote needs. Reliable tools are crucial to sending the right message to applicants right now: you’re equipped, professional, and fully capable!
  • Clear and consistent communication. When applicants can’t get face-to-face time, it’s more important than ever to remain transparent and communicative. In general, it’s candidate experience best practices to stay in touch, but when there’s no person-to-person interaction, that relationship becomes all the more powerful in making a real connection.


Want More Tips? Download the Hiring Remotely Checklist!


ClearCompany Makes it Possible

Meticulous planning is a good first step to a successful remote hiring process, but it’s not enough all by itself! ClearCompany has a complete Applicant Tracking System that facilitates all your best-laid plans and makes it possible to bring them to fruition seamlessly and effectively. From sourcing, posting, and managing your applicant funnel in the recruiting phases, to the onboarding process. Our platform makes it possible to do it all remotely.

Nailing the interview process is an especially critical step in hiring the best talent and keeping them for the long term. The ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System has interview guides to help steer the discussion and make sure that everything you need to know about your candidates is covered through meaningful conversations and pinpointed questions. You can also interact with candidates through pre-recorded video interviewing to make sure that questions and responses are thorough and well planned, and you can use our candidate scorecards to compare your top A Players and make the right decision based on your needs. ClearText helps you stay in touch and in communication throughout the entire process, and our interview feedback templates make sure that you’re always providing the best experience possible given the challenging environment.

Reach out to our experts today to learn more about the ways ClearCompany can help you keep things running smoothly, and build a company of A Players, from any location.

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