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Paperless Onboarding Software: 4 Reasons Why Less is More

February 18, 2015
4 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


A new hire’s first day on the job is rarely filled with work. Legal documents and company onboarding take precedence over regular day-to-day work. Quality employee onboarding is essential to the success of a new hire, so to undervalue this process is faulty on the part of the organization. With 64% of companies planning to expand their hiring efforts over the next 12 months, organizations must either be prepared to process mounds of paperwork or implement a paperless onboarding process to compensate for the deluge of new talent.

Much (if not all) of the application process in the professional world is online already, so why not make the onboarding process paperless as well?

Automation Station

It’s inaccurate to assume that all companies have implemented an onboarding process. Only 32% of companies said they had an onboarding process. Perhaps it is because the entire onboarding process can be cumbersome and rather time-consuming. Transferring the traditional onboarding program for a paperless one makes it easy to automate assigning, tracking, and maintaining new hire paperwork.

However, with a paperless onboarding system, employees and employers can easily refer back to the material if they need to. Paperless onboarding software streamlines the process, so you can stop chasing paperwork.


What’s on your onboarding checklist? The simplified digital process improves preparedness for the new hires. Standardizing the process simplifies the onboarding process for employees and their employers and paperless onboarding software easily standardizes the process. Organizations that standardize the program see 54% higher productivity rates in new hires.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01 Standardized onboarding programs garner 54% higher productivity rates in new hires.

In short, onboarding is not only easier for the HR department to process, but it’s also much easier and less of a bore for new hires to complete.

Cost-Effective Alternative

The number of man-hours and paper it can take to put together onboard packets can exhaust onboarding budgets quickly. Considering it can cost over $10 per packet of onboarding material before factoring in administrative costs, a paperless onboarding program is worth its weight in gold (er... paper) because it reduces overhead.

While traditional HR processing takes up room in filing cabinets that occupy space in the office, paperless onboarding doesn’t require the same physical area or create the same amount of chaos. These practices, for larger companies, can add up financially pretty quickly. Even though it does have a bit of a price tag from the onset, the cost is offset over time by removing repetitive HR processes.

Higher Retention

Organizations that have begun the process of creating an onboarding program have something to learn from the pros. Top onboarding practices help companies retain 91% of their employees. They are trained correctly and efficiently, so the new hires are more satisfied with their positions. Poor onboarding programs lacking in simplified or automated processes for employers and their employees only retain 30% of their new workforce.

A paperless onboarding system strengthens your new hire program. Sylvie Wolf, our Director of Client Services, said: "When it’s no one’s job, it doesn’t get done. Onboarding needs to have a charge, a manager, someone to take responsibility for the details. 60% of organizations surveyed said they needed to create a more efficient onboarding program in order to meet company growth objectives as a top pressure.

What do talent attraction, candidate application, and candidate tracking all have in common? They are already primarily digital. Update your onboarding process with technology to correspond with the automated systems of other HR software. Growth measures have pushed organizations to adopt more efficient onboarding practices, and what better way to do that than with a paperless system? A simplified onboarding program will allow new hires to focus on other ways to integrate their knowledge and skills into the team.

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Paperless onboarding software: automated process for the company, easy for the candidate, and good for the environment.

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