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Recruiting & Hiring

How Modern is Your Recruiting Process?

June 7, 2018
6 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


In the recruiting industry, competitive advantage is everything. From the perspective of candidates and top talent, the way you communicate to the technology you use to recruit sets your business apart from your competitors. They help candidates weed out who’s who in the industry, and what companies they could see themselves working for in the future.

What does your #recruiting process say about your business? Find out if you're a Guru, Bilingual, Wizard, Hybrid or Cyborg with this @ClearCompany quiz:

In today’s candidate-facing job market, the more modern your process the better. Candidates want simplicity, easy communication and uncomplicated application processes. Do you know how modern your process is? Take our quiz and find out!

1. How long has it been since I last evaluated or updated my recruiting process?

    1. Less than a month
    2. 3 - 5 months
    3. 6 - 10 months
    4. Longer than a year
    5. I continuously evaluate and update


2. Does my recruiting process use mobile technologies like text/sms or other mobile communication applications?

    1. Of course! With the rise of mobile, my firm believes mobile recruiting technologies are the future of recruiting.
    2. No, but we’re definitely interested in learning more about it!
    3. Yes! It has improved our recruiting speed tenfold! Also, our candidates have shown a drastic increase in engagement with the firm since we implemented the technology – they really love the open communication.
    4. No, but it sounds like a useful technology. We’d have to learn more about it first before considering it, though.
    5. What technology DON’T we use? Mobile recruiting like text/sms has given us a direct competitive advantage by placing our job opportunities directly in the palm of top talent.


3. Other type(s) of technology my recruiting process uses include...

    1. Performance Management Systems/recruiting predictive analytics
    2. Multilingual applications
    3. Mobile/video interviewing
    4. Applicant Tracking
    5. All of the above


4. On a scale from 1 - 10, my process views consistent communication with candidates as...

    1. 5. I get back to candidates when I can.
    2. 6. Candidates need to hear from me within the week.
    3. 7. I have an autoresponder set up so they hear from us immediately.
    4. 8. I auto-respond and set a task to call the next day.  
    5. 10. I call them immediately with the news. I remember what job hunting was like!


5. In terms of generational candidate pools, my recruiting process caters to...

    1. Millennials (80’s)
    2. Gen X (60’s, 70’s)
    3. Gen Z (90’s)
    4. Baby Boomers (50’s/60’s)
    5. All of the above


6. Our standard time from application to hire:

    1. Clocks in at an average 10 days
    2. Beats our peers with a cool 23 days
    3. Is an industry watermark of 18 days
    4. We use screening and assessments to create a 2 week hiring process
    5. We hold our recruiters to one week


7. When a candidate gets to our website...

    1. They have to go through the contact us page to get ahold of a recruiter
    2. They need to check the footer for the link to the career site
    3. They simply click under company to find our career site
    4. Careers are front and center
    5. A chatbot greets them and guides them through the process


8. Our application process is:

    1. Online
    2. Mobile-Friendly
    3. Mobile Enabled (candidates can complete the whole application on their phone)
    4. Offers mobile and SMS
    5. All of the above


9. My organization has taken the following steps to prevent bias in our hiring process:

    1. We are EEOC compliant.
    2. We give hiring managers no-name resumes.
    3. We’ve implemented a bias reduction solution (textio, blendoor, ideal, other)
    4. We are proponents of Ban the Box measures
    5. All of the above


10. Aside from our career site, you can see our job ads:

    1. On Monster, where else?
    2. On niche job boards
    3. On social media
    4. We use a mix of traditional and social
    5. We use retargeting for our job ads


Alright, pencils down! Are you ready to calculate your score?

Add up your number of:

A’s: ______

B’s: ______

C’s: ______

D’s: ______

E’s: ______ 

Congratulations! Your recruiting process is... 


Mostly A’s = Modern Recruiting “Guru”

Your process is as sustainable as it is focused on the future of HR in recruiting. To you, success lies in technological advancement and building candidate/business relationships. Your process reflects those ideals in the technologies you carefully handpick to source talent. Your recruiting focus is candidate experience – you don’t just want to acquire candidates; you want to retain them. You want candidate relationships to last longer than the predicted life cycle so you can retarget the ones that would better fit positions that might open in the future. You let the candidate experience of your recruiting process be your message to the recruiting industry – that “change is what keeps talent thriving.”

Mostly B’s = Modern Recruiting “Bilingual”

Modern recruiting may not be your business’s first tongue, but, through all the hard work and effort you put into learning and understanding how it works, your process speaks it like a fluent pro. You dabble in as much current recruiting technology as your budget allows and implement new ideas wherever and whenever necessary. Your recruiting focus lies in giving candidates a quality user experience that makes you stand out against competition – you want your candidates to remember your name.

Mostly C’s = Modern Recruiting “Wizard”

The speed at which your technology helps you recruit makes the process seem like sorcery! You love how it wows and mystifies candidates while streamlining and simplifying the recruiting process. Your focus is “efficiency without losing quality” and as such your response times are lightning quick. You know what you want, how to get it and you want it now, but what you want most of all is the highest-quality candidates in your onboarding funnel yesterday.

Mostly D’s = Modern Recruiting “Hybrid”

Unlike your more ultra modern-focused competitors, your recruiting process is more of a hybrid of new and old. In other words, it’s a perfect blend of what’s changing in current times and what has worked in the past. You embrace new ideas and technology, but decide to work them into your older system for the sake of minimizing unwanted operating costs. Your process makes your organization seem very structured and well-organized – you know where every piece of the puzzle is and where it’s going. Candidates respect your drive and self-discipline.

Mostly E’s = Modern Recruiting “Cyborg”

You LOVE new technology – especially the kind that improves the way your business recruits new talent. You have an insatiable desire to recruit harder, better, faster, stronger with every new technological addition you make to your recruiting process. Your tech-savvy appearance makes your business seem super approachable and attractive, drawing in modern-age and like-minded candidates like flies to honey. Your recruiting focus is productivity through quality of technological advancements, and you work it like a well-seasoned pro.

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