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What the Hottest Voices in HR Tech Have to Say

September 19, 2018
5 min read
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Human Resources is one of the fastest moving industries and it seems like we’re always right in the middle of a new shift. This year, a lot of our focus has been honing in on the candidate-driven market, and how managers can shift their candidate experience and employer branding strategies to attract hard to find A Players. During constant change, it’s valuable to have some influencers in our lives to follow, to act as a source for trends that will help us work on the smartest talent attracting strategies. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite influencers in HR, followed by quotes about their thoughts on the latest trends in HR technology and talent success.

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Littal Shemer Haim

People Analytics Consultant, HR Data Strategist, Organizational Researcher

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are two buzzwords that dominate the HR tech world today. We don’t know yet if there is a bubble in this field or rather a huge influence on management practices. Nevertheless, the common opinion among professionals is that managers will make better decisions, more informed decisions, related to workforce, by using predictive algorithms that, for example, fit candidates in jobs or let employers know who is a flight risk. There are tons of discussions about this subject, but mainly from the organization’s point of view. What I’d like to do now, for a change, is to take the employee perspective.”

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@Littalics says #AI and #ML are two buzzwords that dominate #HR today. Is it just a bubble or a huge impact? Read more:


David Green

People Analytics Leader, Conference speaker/chair & Board advisor, Insight222/TrustSphere

CEO, Zandel

Let’s start with what is for me the most welcome and indeed key trend. Soothsayers have long been urging HR to take a leaf out of marketing’s book and it seems that the message is finally getting through. Recognition that creating bespoke and personalized experiences for employees (and candidates) is not only good for workers, but the business too is becoming common currency. This represents a radical shift from the typical ‘one-size fits all’ HR programs of the past. Companies like Cisco, IBM, Unilever and Salesforce are already doing this by combining people data with machine learning to provide personalized experiences for employees in areas such as talent acquisition, onboarding, learning and internal mobility.”

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According to @david_green_uk, “one-size fits all” HR programs are a thing of the past. Read his thoughts on how to leverage #peopledata:


Aliah D. Wright

Senior Speechwriter, SHRM

By 2022, HR professionals predict that their teams will be focused on three top priorities: training and development, employee morale and employee retention. Five years from now, HR’s diverse blend of skills and unique perspectives on business operations will be positioned to add strategic value to the C-suite, according to the survey. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they expect their roles to become more data-driven and strategic… In order to address their two biggest challenges - finding the right people and keeping them motivated - respondents said their companies will, over the next five years, invest heavily in people and data, including recruiting (40%), performance management (36%) and data analytics (31%).

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@aliahwrites says by 2022, #HRpros believe their teams will be focused on 3 things. Read what they are here:


Bill Boorman

Founder of #tru Conferences, Speaker, Blogger and Advisor

The whole recruitment landscape is changing post recession. My main concern is that whilst recorded open vacancies are increasing month on month, and recruiters are reporting increased placement volume, the level of unemployment is still rising. This tells me that there is a distinct gap between the skills available among job seekers and the skills needed by employers. It is critical for job seekers to research the market and identify where the skills gaps are, and what skills they might have hidden in their past and promote these skills. It might also be a time to look at retaining as the best route to employment.”

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@BillBoorman says the whole recruitment landscape changed post-recession. Learn what he predicts for the future on the @ClearCompany blog:

Madeline Laurano

Co-Founder of Aptitude Research Partners

Candidate communication is still immature. It is the most basic area of talent acquisition. Yet, most companies still fall behind in their ability to communicate effectively with candidates. Only 11% of companies are providing transparency on the status of the application (a significant decrease from 32% in 2017) and only 24% of companies are providing candidates with information relevant to the job.”

“Background screening has the greatest impact on quality of hire: Over 50% of companies said that background screening solutions have the greatest impact on quality of hire. Screening solutions help organizations make better decisions around the talent they are bringing into the organization. Most companies are investing in criminal background checks as well as verification of employment and education. Over 60% of companies view screening as so strategic that they are moving it up in the process.”

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@Madtarquin says candidate communication is the most basic area of #TalentAcquisition, yet it’s still immature. Read more:

What changes have you felt in your corner of the office and where do you see continual shifts in the coming years? Do they align with what our influencer friends have predicted or perhaps go completely against them? Connect with us on social to keep the conversation moving! @ClearCompany.


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