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E-Verify: Why It Should Be Part of Your Recruitment Process

April 8, 2014
3 min read
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Should you be afraid of E-Verify? Absolutely not, since the service can help you screen candidates and stay out of trouble. Still, many companies are wary about using the E-Verify service thanks to “controversial” articles in online publications on the downsides of the practice.

E-Verify is a powerful tool in your hiring toolbox if used correctly. Like all technology, its power resides in how it’s used, which puts the onus on human discretion. However, it can be a great way to remain compliant before onboarding a new superstar hire. That’s why ClearCompany offers E-Verify as a fully integrated tool to smooth your hiring and onboarding process.

If you use E-Verify, you’re in good company. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the E-Verify program recently surpassed 500,000 employers and has been used more than 25 million times.

However, if you still have concerns about integrating the E-Verify program into your hiring and talent alignment plan, here are a few reasons why you have nothing to fear:

Few employees are found ineligible

In fact, 98.3 percent of potential employees run through E-verify are found eligible for work. Therefore, most of your candidates will pass without any trouble and give you some peace of mind. Of the 1.7 percent who receive system mismatches, 1.39 percent are found to be ineligible to work. So, not only is running into an ineligible employee rare, but the system is also very accurate!

The odds of running into a candidate who is wrongly flagged are extremely slim, meaning most employers will never have to worry about the E-Verify program making a mistake. Overwhelmingly, the service will be used in your recruitment process to double-check trustworthy candidates instead of bringing you bad news.

E-Verify is beefing up systems to combat identity fraud

Still, no system is perfect -- and one of the easiest ways to game E-Verify is through identity fraud. When a candidate is using someone else’s identity, any negative information you find during your recruitment process will technically be correct, but only because their identity has been compromised. Every year, more than 11 million Americans suffer from identity fraud and seven percent of U.S. households report suffering some type of fraud.

This is why E-Verify has dedicated resources to combating identity fraud -- so it’s harder to trick the system. With the system taking steps to combat identity fraud, employers can feel more comfortable about results.

Employers are happy with the E-Verify Program

According to a survey by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, employers overwhelmingly support E-Verify and are happy with their experiences using the program. In fact, 86 percent of employers rated it “exceptionally high.”

This is even more impressive when you consider most government agencies average a customer satisfaction of about 67 percent. Employers like to be sure the right people are making it through recruitment and into their onboarding process, and this verification service helps them rest easy.

It’s required in some states

Some employers use E-Verify in their recruitment process because, in certain states, use of the program is required.

The rules vary from state-to-state when it comes to using the program before hiring and onboarding. For instance, in some states you need to check all employees, while in others you only have to check state workers and contractors. Other states actually limit the usage of E-Verify,so it’s really up to you as an employer to know the rules and act accordingly.

There's nothing to fear from using E-Verify in your hiring process. The service can help you to be sure you know the talent you're onboarding, before they become a permanent fixture in your company.

What do you think? Do you use the E-Verify program in your recruitment efforts? Share in the comments!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr user Rafael Anderson Gonzales

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