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May 9, 2014
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged



Picture this: a company centers its culture on its core values. Employees are proud of where they stand. The culture is clear and embraced throughout the organization. Now what? Although the term “company culture” might sound like a self-propelled, intrinsic force that leads the organization, it isn't. It takes consistency, leadership and tracking to maintain a truly stable company culture.

When over 7,700 workers nationwide were asked in CareerBuilder survey what they consider most when evaluating a potential employer, “Longevity/Stability” was their number one response.

Mapping Out and Communicating the Long-Term Objectives

While business objectives are a solid base for the future, the manner in which they are reached might be a fluid journey. As organizations build bridges and break barriers; it is vital to continually revisit the “why” behind it all. Long-term objectives need to be consistently communicated, as do changes in game plans. As talent alignment specialists, we recommend that immediate and long-term goals be touched upon on a daily basis. Business and workplace consultant Alexandra Levit said:

“Your entire senior management team should be involved in creating a big picture mission that is universally agreed upon and can be easily communicated from the top down.” Levit added, “You should use your mission as a starting point to talk straight with employees about your expectations for them, and it should be periodically refined and emphasized so your business stays the course.”

Makes Sure Your Exec Team Vets all Processes

Executives can, and sometimes will, put an end to a process employees are in the middle of ironing out. The best way to ensure projects are seen through is to get approval first. Whoever said, “It’s better to ask forgiveness than to beg permission” never had a boss veto their decision mid-implementation. Passing major decisions by executives can help leadership plan a more stable environment.

Accountability and Empowerment

One of the best features of a talent alignment platform is people's visions are clearly, and in real-time, connected with everyone’s goals. No peering over shoulders or micromanaging; consider this the hands-off approach to keeping talent completely aligned with goals. Workers get the accountability and empowerment they need to drive business forward, and management gets the real-time tracking and progress notifications they need. There is no day-to-day power struggle or shifting of focus. Workers and managers are constantly informed and stable in their roles. 

Employees Need Roots

Although it is vital to align the company’s workforce with the ebbs and flows of business and industry trends, workers need roots in a position. If the accountant is dabbling in graphic design one week, and sales the next, this provides an unstable work environment. Furthermore, there is no way talent is aligned with goals.

This re-reassignment of positions often happens when there just aren’t enough hands on deck, or they are the wrong kind of hands. Find skills gaps, forecast skill gaps, and plan accordingly. 

This is not an uncommon phenomenon with exciting change or initiatives. Everyone is engaged and participatory in the beginning, but the novelty soon wears off, and the engagement slowly dwindles away. A stable, long-term company culture initiative must be constantly and clearly communicated on all levels of the organization. Leadership can do their part by creating a stable environment to foster the commitment of their workers.

Would you like to know more about how our talent alignment software can keep your long-term vision relevant to your workforce? ClearCompany’s talent alignment platform can help stabilize your hard earned company culture. Contact us today.

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