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Onboarding Employee Experience

Must-Read Articles to Reinvigorate Your Onboarding Experience

September 5, 2018
3 min read
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Whether it’s one day or 90 days, every company has some type of employee onboarding process. Filling out the necessary paperwork, talking through the company procedures and training your new hire is a crucial part of their first few days. SHRM estimates that engaging onboarding programs lead to 91% retention of employees through the first year.  Don’t settle for the bare minimum when it has been proven that a great onboarding experience will help to retain top talent. Check out these must read articles on why onboarding is so important and how you can create an experience that will make your new hires thrilled to be working with you.

Study Finds That a Bad Onboarding Experience May Disengage New Hires

You’ve posted your position, scanned hundreds of candidates and sat through interview after interview just to find that one perfect fit. The process wasn’t easy, and we’re confident that you don’t want to do it again so soon. Keep that new go-getter engaged with a positive onboarding experience.

Why settle for bare minimum onboarding when a great onboarding experience will make for better employees? Find out more here:

Why the Onboarding Experience is Key for Retention

According to a Gallup survey, only 12% of employees feel that their company does a great job of onboarding. Does your company identify with this small percentage offering a wonderful onboarding experience, or does it fall in with the majority? Learn why you want to be apart of the few and far between to retain your newly hired employees.

Steps for Creating a Positive Onboarding Experience for New Employees

How can you make your new hires feel welcomed? Avoid throwing them into the fire and keep their onboarding process fun, simple and interesting with these tips from The Balance Careers.

Onboarding is the Key to a Terrific Candidate Experience

There are many firsts in life. First steps, first cars and first days at a new job. Like many other firsts, the first day of a new job can be overwhelming yet exciting. Ease the nerves of your new hire and excite them for the work ahead with a terrific ending to their candidate experience.

Creative Onboarding Strategies To Set Your New Hire Up For Success

After you’ve sat through a welcome speech, paperwork and toured the office, you may be having some major deja vu. Have you done all of this before at a past job? The answer is likely yes. That’s why you should take onboarding experience to the next level with these exciting strategies from Forbes.

Four Business Benefits of Good Employee Onboarding Experiences

We focus a lot on creating a good onboarding experience in order to engage and retain employees, but there are other benefits to the company besides happy employees. Discover what your company can experience when you offer a fun and friendly onboarding.

It’s undeniable: A great onboarding experience retains great employees. @ClearCompany compiled advice articles all employers should read:

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Good Onboarding

Although your newly hired employee choose to work for you, you don’t want them to instantly regret it with a unorganized and unprepared onboarding experience. Make a winning impression through the candidate experience, company culture and career development.

It’s undeniable: A great onboarding experience creates and retains great employees. Take time to evaluate yours and make the tweaks that are necessary to create an experience so wonderful that your newly hired employees can’t wait to get to work. That positive energy won’t only flow into their role, but also to their peers.

Looking to elevate your onboarding process for both you and your new hires? Take a demo of our Onboarding Software to see what ClearCompany can do for you.

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