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Applicant Tracking System Recruiting & Hiring Case Study

Architecting a Better Talent Acquisition Pipeline with PBK

August 18, 2020
2 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


The architects and engineers at PBK Architects know better than anyone that a thriving community requires the support of buildings and infrastructure. With a fast-growing workforce and an outdated hiring and onboarding process, PBK decided it was time to implement a talent management system that could keep up with its growing demand for highly-skilled top talent.

The Problem

PBK faced a two-part problem when it came to their recruiting and onboarding efforts. Their original processes were outdated and desperately needed to be modernized. In their old method, employees spent large amounts of time sorting through email inboxes in order to acquire new talent, leading to an inefficient and time-consuming process. They hoped to find a budget-friendly solution to their recruiting issues.

Additionally, PBK faced barriers with onboarding new hires. With an average onboarding time of 3 days, PBK felt it was wasting valuable time on paperwork when new employees could instead be training with the other architects. With projects that mean so much to both the company and the communities they serve, it was time for a change.

With the help of ClearCompany, PBK reduced time to fill and saved money by reducing their reliance upon contract #recruiters. Read more about how our #TalentAcquisition software helped modernize their talent pipeline:

The Solution

ClearCompany’s talent acquisition and talent management tools assisted PBK with modernizing their hiring and onboarding processes. With assistance from ClearCompany implementation managers, the PBK staff was able to learn and begin utilizing the tools in a short period of time reducing their total onboarding time significantly.

“My implementation manager really shared a lot of the burden because I didn't have the ability to do it. She got me set up with videos so that I could set up all the roles and tie them all together with the competencies.”

Tools such as ClearCompany’s Talent Communities assisted PBK with creating large talent pools and reconnecting with previous applicants, and through paperless onboarding, PBK was able to streamline and consolidate their paperwork into a seamless and efficient process, saving time and allowing for a quicker approach to training. With their talent acquisition and onboarding efforts rejuvenated, PBK felt confident in their ability to attract and retain top talent.

PBK’s typical new hire #onboarding process was shortened with the help of ClearCompany’s #TalentAcquisition software. Find out how:

The Results

“There’s a vested interest from ClearCompany to help my business be successful, and to help me be successful at doing my job.”

With the help of ClearCompany, PBK is now armed with a leading-edge applicant tracking system. Able to engage and interact with candidates like never before, PBK has reduced their time to fill. With the comfort of a fully integrated, best-in-class talent platform, PBK can focus on enriching their communities and designing their award-winning buildings.

To learn more about the success that PBK has seen with the help of ClearCompany, read our full case study below. For more information about how ClearCompany can help to integrate your hiring and onboarding practices, reach out to our experts today to schedule a free demo.

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