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3 Reasons You Need a Better Candidate Sourcing Platform

September 2, 2015
5 min read
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Good candidate sourcing helps you find talent in avenues you may not have considered, whether it’s finding new methods of reaching out to candidates or cultivating a more diverse talent pool to source. Because the world of recruiting is a fluid, ever-evolving entity, your sourcing platform could probably use an update. Candidate sourcing, like most aspects of recruiting, changes fast, and if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind. If you don’t think you need a better candidate sourcing platform, consider these three reasons it might be time for an update.

It’s a More Social Way to Hire

A candidate sourcing platform helps companies discover more candidates by accessing multiple recruiting channels. This includes one of the biggest emerging platforms for recruiters: social media. Last year, CareerBuilder found that 43% of employers use social media to research candidates. Whether it’s to assess their qualifications, cultural fit, or look for objectionable conduct on their account (as 51% of employers have found), a robust sourcing platform can help you create a better talent pool.


CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01You think you have the best candidate sourcing platform? Read these three reasons you could use a better one.


A proper sourcing platform takes the dozens (or hundreds, or thousands) of social media profiles recruiters look through and distills them into what your hiring team needs to know: their resume, their skills, and their personality. This gives recruiters the ability to vet even the most passive job seekers to develop a highly competitive candidate pool.

You Can Be More Personable

Some companies do personable branding better than others. Companies like Denny’s, Charmin and Virgin America know how to generate a buzz about their consumer brands, which often extends into their employer branding. They’re funny and interesting and that fosters a social and economic following, which means job seekers (active or passive) are more likely to see new opportunities as positions open.



Denny's, Charmin & Virgin America lure candidates in through consumer and employer branding. See how: 


Beyond a charming demeanor, however, better candidate sourcing provides a tangible benefit. Candidates want to work for companies they think “get it,” and when every avenue of your recruiting (your job board postings, your career website and your referral program) incorporates this, it suggests that you understand the candidate pool. Presenting your company as one which understands candidates can be a huge boost for your employer branding. After all, 56% of talent professionals rank employer branding as the most important factor when looking for jobs.

Target Passive Candidates

The wider you source, the more job seekers will flock to the position. Okay, that might be a little simplified - the variance in recruitment channels gives you access to more candidates, active and passive. Passive candidates (the 75% of professionals who are open to new job opportunities) aren’t actively searching for a new job, so it can be difficult to find great candidates if they aren’t already in the market for a change.

A good candidate sourcing platform can cut through the barriers preventing passive candidates from applying to jobs by targeting them more directly and allowing you to create a better connection with your candidates more easily. Contact them through email, social networks, or through job board sites - the point is it get the initial conversation going.


CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01Breaking through to passive candidates is challenging for recruiters, but not impossible. Read more: 


In a field as fast as hiring, better sourcing platforms will give you the modern edge you need for recruiting candidates before the competition does. With bigger hooks into social platforms, increased awareness of your employer brand through all of your sourcing channels and the capacity to attract passive candidates, there are plenty of reasons you need a better sourcing platform.

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