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Why Your ATS Needs an Interview Scheduling Solution

December 9, 2015
6 min read
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Interviewing is like trying to find something to watch on Netflix. You spend all this time, energy and brainpower perusing the endless list of shows and movies and every once in awhile something catches your eye, but you’re too afraid to commit because you don’t want to be disappointed. You wish someone could just make up your mind for you! By the end of it, you’ve started the first season of some obscure sci-fi show, wondering if you’ve made the right choice...and you didn’t. Add other people into the mix and it gets even more complicated. Enter applicant tracking systems.

The point is A LOT goes into interviewing: choosing candidates, coordinating schedules, preparing questions, following up and a laundry list of other things. So, as a recruiter or hiring manager, you’ll do just about anything to make the process quicker and more efficient. Enter interview scheduling. You probably already have an ATS. If you’re really ahead of the game, your ATS of choice has a built-in interview scheduling solution, like ours! Here’s why you should seriously think about (or be grateful for) having this kind of solution embedded within your ATS.

Time and Money

The manpower and time it takes to schedule interviews doesn’t come cheap. Think about it: you might have administrative assistants that do the brunt of the work, but those workers have to coordinate back and forth with candidates, recruiters and interviewers. Depending on what you, your recruiters, interviewers and assistants get paid hourly, you could be spending upwards of $50 just to coordinate one interview. And if that candidate doesn’t work out, or someone misses the interview (Hank from IT!), that money is wasted.That time and money could easily be spent on other pertinent areas with an interview scheduling solution.


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Scheduling Errors

We’re humans right? So, we make mistakes. There’s no exact data on interview scheduling to point to, but the sheer number of mistakes made in the scheduling of already hired employees costs organizations dearly and adds to worker instability, according to the Economic Policy Institute. The organization needed to coordinate several people’s schedules for an interview increase the chance that an interviewer is going to forget about an appointment they had, an assistant schedules the interview for the wrong day or the candidate is given the wrong time to come in. The possibilities for error are endless. With an online interview scheduling solution, almost all of those problems disappear. You can:

  • Coordinate multiple schedule at one time
  • Candidates can view availability and choose which date and time will work best for them
  • Automatically link to a candidate profile for easy viewing and organizing once a calendar invitation is received
  • Dramatically reduce the chance of errors disrupting the interview process and increase positive candidate experience.

Greater Flexibility

We’re living in a world of constant change and that hasn’t been more apparent than in recruiting. The workforce we encounter today is blended with people from different generations and backgrounds and everyone is busy balancing their personal lives with their work. In fact, a work-life balance is the third most important consideration job seekers take into account when considering a job. So the idea that they can avoid telephone tag with interviewers and schedule interviews on their own time is very appealing. Not to mention, it sheds a favorable light on the company interviewing them. Add pre-recorded video interviewing options and you have a flexible, tackable recruitment system that works for passive candidates and your entire hiring team!


CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.pngTake flexible workplace beyond a flexible work schedule, like this:


Greater Accountability

Another trend we see with our workforce today is greater self-awareness and a desire to self-improve. This is great for employers because they now have a large portion of candidates that want to be accountable. That’s why having an interview scheduling solution is such an easy decision to make. Giving candidates the power to schedule their own interview increases their accountability and reduces the chance that they will pull a no-show on you on interview day. What’s more is that they don’t have to wait around for your staff to coordinate schedules, they can easily view it online and pick a spot.

Interested in learning more about what an Applicant Tracking System should include? Take a look at our comprehensive Applicant Tracking Guide.

It’s Free

Yes, with ClearCompany’s ATS you get the added bonus of built-in interview scheduling for free! Do you really need more incentive than what’s been presented? I think the real question now is why wouldn’t you want an ATS with built-in interview scheduling?

Save yourself the headache that goes along with manually scheduling interviews. Having an interview scheduling solution in place with your ATS will benefit you in ways you didn’t realize. Besides, with the swiftly changing workforce and an increasingly competitive job market, you don’t have time for the kind of mistakes incurred by outdated scheduling procedures. Let Clear Company get you where you need to be with our comprehensive ATS!

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